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Adding Decor to Your Home Using Accent/Throw Pillows

It is the desire of every homeowner to try and add decor to their homes to strike a sense of intricate visual style.

Experts that have dipped their toes in home decor understand that accent or throw pillows are the best in accomplishing a fulfilling interior design.

Throw pillows have a unique way of making the living, family and the bedroom intricately eye-catching. However, most people have a tendency of missing the whole point by doing the right thing in the wrong way.

Care has to be taken when deciding the design, color and the pattern of the throw pillows to achieve the desired decor results. When the wrong math is applied and the entire decor design not pointing towards the right picture, then nothing pops, and the entire interior decor becomes boring. It is for this reason that I have compiled tips that will help the reader customize their accent pillows. When setting up in the right manner, throw pillows are the best housewarming gifts you can ever have.

  • The number and placement design — moderate to big pillows have proved to attain better decor results compared to many smaller ones, but this all depends on your particular taste of course. I personally prefer a few small pillows, but the choice is yours! The space-feel effect of moderate to big pillows can easily be noticed compared to a higher number of many small throw pillows. Depending on your room design and the number of sofas available you can opt for three to five pillows. Odd numbers have a unique way of showcasing a more artful solid decor.

  • Size and shape — Square throw pillows have a better sense of belonging than other shapes. You can choose any size, but 16 inches to 20 inches is usually for standard sizes. The size chosen should correspond to the size of both the sofas and the entire living room setting. This enhances decor style and creates a distinctive look to the indoor space.

  • Color, pattern, and trend — Interior decor trends continue to evolve every single day. If you intend to incorporate throw pillows in your house in a manner that will match with your style, you need to play the cards right. Understanding the color language is more important to ensure that balance is finally struck in the entire room. There are quite some decorative patterns in the market today including stripe and floral ones. What is important is to ensure that the pattern mix isn't too overwhelming as this may deteriorate the interior decor.

  • Fabric — Fabric not only affects the appearance of the pillows but determine their feel and stiffness. If you prefer a modern decor trend, you should opt for cotton and linen fabrics. It is also good to prefer pillows that have a smooth texture so as give a warmer feel and provide traction as well. Oneness — After finally putting everything together, have a look at the entire room and try to spot out what seems to be strange and not in harmony with the rest. Whether you are working in the living room or bedroom, think of the entire space as a family.

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