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le de Re:  Amazing Holiday Destination of France

France, a very beautiful European country known for its culture, fashion, cuisine, and scenic beauty. But when tourists across the world think of France, they can only conjure images of Paris, the capital city, and the Eiffel Tower, the monument that is visited by honeymooners and families alike. There is more to France than just a few cities, and Ile de Re is a prime example of the stunning beauty of France. Ile de Re is called the Isle of Rhe and it is a small island on the western coast of the country. A bridge connects it to the mainland of France at a place called La Rochelle.

Ile de Re is the favorite destination for the tourists coming from all parts of the country.

They come here every summer not just for the sun and the sand but also to experience a calm and tranquil environment which is in sharp contrast to the hectic life of Paris or any other city of France. This island full of pine forests and sand dunes presents itself as a perfect antidote to the humdrum of the city life. This is the reason why the small towns and the villages of this paradise off the Atlantic coast become packed with tourists during summer months.

If you are thinking of coming to Ile de Re, the perfect time for you would be not the summer months but September and later when most of the tourists have headed back to their respective cities and it becomes easy for you to get a table booking in the restaurants. You will be able to hear sweet sounds made by cockerel and also ride your way through the cycle paths on bicycles. You will feel mighty relaxed when you come here as you will not witness the horns and the pollution created by Ferraris. Instead, you will see people riding bicycles and walking. Also, you will not see the super yachts used by the rich as you will see the ordinary fishing boats of the past. You can make use of a bike to visit the scenic locations of this island and to have one on rent; you will need to make the capital Saint Martin de Re as your base or the starting point. For the rest, cycling is the best way to explore this little island that has very flat cycle paths.

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