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Seams So Nice!

Fun times welcomes relaxing get togethers with family and friends. I especially love the relaxing atmosphere the change in seasons brings, and love sharing happy times and experiences with those we love.

Parisienne theme brunches create a mood for beautiful fabrics, a creative palette, beautiful lace and hassle-free shapes of dresses and casual wear. All the fabulous things we could wear...

And as the chill slowly sets in during the cooler days of summer, light weight sweaters, chic jackets, and shawls can be coordinated to add to beautiful ensembles, displaying a sophisticated relaxing look chosen to wear to brunch with friends. Ensembles crafted from fabulous fabrics makes the body feel relaxed and calms your mood.

A fun brunch theme, such as a Parisian theme brunch, delicious food and fabulous ensembles makes things even more exciting.

Languid, easy-going shapes from the perfect length dresses, in light colors for summer, or the famous little black dress suitable for almost any occasion and for any season.

The Little black dress evolved in France and is certainly a wonderful ensemble for your brunch gathering. Find the one that best fits your body. All in all it gives a simple and minimalist ambiance preferred by the French fashion. It oozes style and elegance.

The beautiful city of light, imbued with rich history has a gift of skills, dedication and creativity resulting in alluring fabrics and sewing techniques. Both sheer and warm fabrics, tweeds, bouclé, beautiful linings, chiffon, gorgeous lace creations, A-line dresses are all Paris inspired and perfect for Parisienne themed brunches.

French inspired fashion is characterized from incredibly chic and fabulous sense of style. There is a hint of romance with little artistic elements. It is beautifully crafted on the revolutionized fashion trends emerging throughout the shift in centuries. The Paris fashion world is an exotic wonderland of skillful cuts and seaming techniques. From deluxe capes to crushed velvet fabrics, fierce kimono jackets and harem pants, there is an artistic flair in each of these fashion pieces.

Paris inspired dresses, almost put together an effortless look. Hems and seams on jackets, pants and blazers give an elegant yet a casual look to the French fashion. The insouciant look is the result of modernized and blithe atmosphere that makes the French fashion so desirable.

The frayed and tattered corners combined with monochromatic color palette paves a way for tonal hues. It emulates an ambiance of a Parisienne look. Every little detail from cuts, sews, seams to the latest trends, style is constant in French fashion.

The skilled sewing techniques and creativity on fine quality fabrics results in polished looks. The modern designer looks are tweaked with a proud Parisian mood. It unfolds sparkling embroideries and dropped-waist dresses, nip-waist jackets and peplum, pencil skirt, little A-line dresses and buttoned up suits.

Paris inspired fashion celebrates the woman’s natural beauty. It emphasizes on shape and proportion through its niche craftsmanship to enhance a woman’s natural look. The versatility in seam finish on sheer and fine fabrics combined with feminine ruffles and French couture methods are all thrown in for good measure.

Seam finishes are great for raw edged and sheer fabrics. They are popular to hide edges of a lightweight fabric in an elegant manner. Mesh fabrics, organza, silk and chiffon fabrics are the ultimate inspiration for French seams. French sewing techniques are inspired by little intricate detailing such as smocking, pin tucks and lace.

The techniques of haute couture enable a designer to make the dress a perfect fit. It adds structure to the garment and involves both interfacing and underlining. Let’s say the interfacing of a structured jacket with a horsehair canvas gives satisfactory results. However, underlining is mastered by silk or organza in a skirt or dress.

Whatever your taste in fashion, select something you love, something that is "you"! And when you wear it, it should make you feel nice !

Seams So Nice!

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