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Le Quartier Latin: The Bohemian Charm of Paris. A Little Bit of French History

Le Quartier Latin: The Bohemian Charm of Paris

Situated along the left bank of the River Seine is a place called Le Quartier Latin. It is an area of the city of Paris that is famous for its student life. Referred to as Latin Quartier, this part of Paris houses many educational institutions. Naturally, not only can one feel the atmosphere in this area to be lively but will also finds many bistros, restaurants serving simple meals to fulfill the requirements of the students. You will encounter cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways in addition to a few squares that remain hidden from the view. Le Quartier Latin has managed to retain its old world character in the midst of all the development that has taken place in the surrounding parts.

If you are interested in seeing Bohemian Paris, Le Quartier Latin is the place you need to come to. You will be pleasantly surprised to note that this area of Paris has not lost its identity in the wake of all the development of Paris. One of the most visited places in Le Quartier Latin is Boulevard St. Michael. This Boulevard is not narrow like other streets of the area. Its is a modern avenue that is very wide and very busy with lines of bookstores, shops selling items of clothing, and of course the many cafes.

Cluny Museum is another very famous structure inside Le Quartier Latin. This museum will remind you of the beauty of the medieval architecture. This museum houses Hotel de Cluny, formerly the house for abbey of Cluny. You can also see ruins of former frigidarium here. You can also see majestic looking tapestries of the past woven in wool and silk in this museum. These tapestries are believed to have been made in the 15th century and the most famous of these tapestries is called The Lady with the Unicorn.

Pantheon is the most imposing of the structures in entire Le Quartier Latin. It is actually a mausoleum containing tombs of some of the most prominent citizens of France. There is an inscription about the 18 columns that reads To Great Men. Their Country is Grateful.

Finally, do not miss out on visiting some of the famous historic churches situated in Le Quartier Latin. The most famous of these churches is Saint Everin Saint Nicolas church. It has the most impressive Gothic architecture you will find in entire Paris.

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