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Father’s Day will be here before you know it.

My dad, the herbologist… I reminisce about him as Father’s Day approaches. I remember when he was young, and seeing him learning about the benefits of nature. I recall him storing thousands of various teas, roots, dried flowers and herbs, all in pristine glass jars. The jars of herbal medicines were meticulously labeled and placed on shelves in a huge room used just for herbalist work. At that time many were not into this type of medicine, until they were in dire need of help and traditional medicine was failing them.

As he grew to an old age, he felt this type of work was for the younger generation to carry on. Its been 4 years since he passed. We never really had any big celebrations for Father's day, but we always let him know we loved him.

What prompted me to write about my dear dad this year? I think it is the fact that I have been thinking a lot about the things he did for us when we were little children, growing up in the city. Some of the things at that time, I thought were just weird. But, there is a certain product in my shop that seems to keep taping me on my shoulder, as if its my dad is telling me, I told you so.

We grew up in the city, my siblings and I, yet our backyard seemed more like the a famers field in the southern part of the country. What I mean by that is that we had many fruit trees, plants, and flowers in our yard, both in the front yard, and the back yard. We had peach trees, grapevines and a huge cherry tree. The cherry tree was so big that it reached to the top of the roof of our house. I could easily reach my hand out the top attic window and pull plump juicy cherries off the tree. We could eat cherries and nibble as along as our hearts desired (or until cherry season was over). The higher the branches went up, and the closer to the sun they were, the juicier and sweeter the cherries were.

We also had a big beautiful luscious garden in the back yard that my dad and his dad planted and took care of (my grandpa, of course). One of the many types of plants that flourished in our backyard, along side one of our fences, was our mint plants. The mint plants were kept far away from the main garden. That mint flourished as if it was spiritually blessed to grow in abundance, no matter how many times I tried to kill it. The smell was so strong. It was hardy, overwhelming, and at times pungent, especially to the nose of a little 8 year old. I felt like I would pass out if I got too close to it. While running and playing in the backyard there were times I did get too close to the mint. It was awful. I warned other children to stay away, if they knew what was best for themselves. I hated that mint. I wanted it out of my yard. It seemed like it was the bane of my existence.

That was many, many years ago. I have since come to realized the benefits of herbs such as mint. I understand a bit more about the various herbs and spices that my dad studied and introduced into our home. Wisdom and experience has helped me to respect the power of nature's plants, and yes, I even respect the wild mint.

One day, as an adult, I was ill, and the traditional medicines just were not helping me. I did a bit of research and found out, to my surprise, that mint could possibly help. I was skeptical, but I tried a piece of peppermint candy and it worked. Now, whenever I need a bit of coffee, I try to drop a peppermint or two in my cup, and I love it. I also make sure I keep a small supply of mint tea in my pantry.

As I fondly smell the Wild Mint dish soap that I use to wash my dishes , I think about my dear old dad. I fondly recall the words of wisdom he shared we me, after he first discovered I was systematically trying to decimate his mint plants.

I am sure if he were here today he would love having the “At The Sink” dish liquid in the Wild Mint scent in his house. I also remember so clearly, that my dad and his rough and tumble brothers, as well as my grandpa, loved their manly soaps, lotions and shave creams.

So this Father’s day, lets not forget the guys we love. We have added a couple of new items to our shop just time for Father's Day. They are of course for dad’s, or for that special man in your life! Just click on "Our Shop" in the menu above and select Savons + Or Go to the links below

And for the Mint and more Dish soaps go to

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