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60th Grammy awards

The 60th Grammy Awards were unlike any other Grammy Before. The Grammys not only focused on music but the Grammys also focused on Key major events from 2017. Artists Eric Church, Maren Morris, and Brothers Osborne came together to pay tribute to the victims of May’s deadly Manchester bombing and October’s Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The Grammys also had Kesha do A Beautiful performance about Women Empowerment and Unity. A lot of Artists Including Camila Cabello voiced their opinion on current immigration issues and U2 perform Get Out Of Your Own Way challenging President Donald J .Trump & GOP views toward Immigration. Artists from all genres of music came together for one night and using the iconic platform of the Grammys to shine a light on major events. This has never happened before at any other Grammys awards show. It shows that despite GOP & Donald J Trump current actions that not all Americans agree with the current events going on. Unlike any administration before, people are now more vocal and more into what is going on in this country. Never has the USA had so many people from music, to actors, to young activists voice their opinions toward any other administration. It's great people are more into politics and into what is going on. We all should participate and have a say in our country. The Grammy Awards is a great platform to bring awareness to key issues because you have different types of people who listen to all different types of music from all different walks of life all tuning in to watch one show. It is always a good time to talk and stand up for what you believe in. Be vocal and voice your opinions and feelings, and fight for what you believe in. I am glad the Grammy talk was about key issues. Now we will have more people aware of whats going on. The fight for women rights and the fight for LGBTQ rights, the fight for immigration and the fight for equal opportunity, and fight for a better America would be waste of time if we didn't vote. Get registered to vote at

and see what you can do for your local community. Get out there vote and volunteer stand up for what you believe in. Get register to vote today. The fight is not over. Voting brings change.

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