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Hello Spring

Spring is finally here. The cold weather from winter is slowly fading away. No more snow and no more extreme cold weather. And if you are like my hubby, no more frustration when the snow blower unexpectedly stops working shortly after a major snow storm!

Trees and bushes that lost their leaves over the winter begin to grow new leaves again and also flower in the spring. It is such a welcome sight to see. I love Spring. My first sign that Spring is fastly approaching is when I look out my kitchen window and see the beautiful swans on the lake.

In some areas Spring can seem like just a couple of short weeks because the cool air or very hot weather ends up consuming the days that we have traditionally known to be Spring. Embrace Spring while you can before summer comes.

Fruits and vegetables that are seasonal grow in the spring. Try something new and unique! When I am shopping or waiting in line to pay for some of the delicious and healthy Spring Fruits and veggies that I have found, a curious person nearby will often times ask me, "what is that, how does it taste or how do you cook it? I always find it interestingly pleasant, because it is usually a food item that my family enjoys regularly once Spring arrives. I am always eager to share what it is I am purchasing.

Spring is the season of new beginnings and of course warmer weather. Break out the Spring fashions! You no longer have to wear over size jackets or boots you can now dress comfortable and wear lightweight clothing. Spring embraces a new sense of different types of style that wouldn't have been acceptable in winter. You can now wear bright colors and carry light weight hand bags. A new season can welcome a new style.

Imagine shopping at local farmers markets looking for healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, doing it in fun-style. Our French Market Baskets will do the trick, like the Beau Toujours Noir, or the Mandarine shoulder width French Shopper. They are ideal for carrying your nutritious vegetables and other items such as those beautiful lilacs, or other lovely flowers calling your name as you try to walk by. Or just simply use your French Shopper as a stylish accessory. Embrace Spring and embrace a new style for the season of new beginnings and new starts.

You can find our French Market Baskets by clicking on the lady here

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