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The Cover Up!

Summer Cover Ups are a must for Professional Women who frequent the office and who oftentimes stay there for more hours than you could imagine. They do it to get the job done. In order to get the job done without competing the elements too much, having a cover up help get the most out of your hours is a must.

As a professional woman the outfits which can be worn to business environments are usually straight forward. Most times they involve shirts, blazers, dresses, pants or suits. But in the summer, outfits worn to business environments may require a bit more planning and may not that straight forward. This is because often times the summer weather is hot and requires that people dress lightly, but for professional women, business environments are as cold as ever in the summer.

This can be confusing when you need to leave the house in a hurry, but in the right attire. The trick is to wear light inner blouses, shirts and even dresses, and then carry extra clothing layers along with you, or keep in the car or desk drawer. You can wear the extra layer on top when you go into business environments. Here we will be sharing info on some of these extra layers that you can wear over your shoulders to keep warm in cold business environments:

Cover ups

Cover ups are one of the best apparels to wear to a business environment when it’s hot outside but very cold inside. Cover ups are like cardigans but not precisely as they have an opening in front. They are also much more professional looking and very chic. When you step out of your office, you can take off your cover up and put it in your bag and when you step in, you can slip it on.

Long Sleeves

The best thing about long sleeves for the summer in a cold business environment is, you can sometimes roll them up. Basically all we need to feel cool in shirts and blouses are open arms. So when you get into your office or meeting, you can roll your sleeves down and stay warm, and when you step outside, you can neatly roll them up

Light weight jackets and shawls

Despite the season’s heat, you have to ensure you go to every length to keep warm in business environments while retaining a professional look. Light weight jackets and beautiful shawls are a good option for this. All you have to do is ensure that you purchase professional looking light weight jackets and or shawls that are very appropriate for business environments. When in the professional environment, you can wear the jacket or shawl, and when outside, you can easily take it off.


Blazers are great for a situation of heat outside and cold inside. This is because they look very classy and formal when indoors and are also very easy to take off outside. In your office, they keep you completely warm and when you step outside, you simply need to take it off and you will feel cooler wearing only your inner blouse. Look for a couple of casual blazers and jackets from Tu Es Belle Et Puissante. And you can wear them in the fall and winter, just put a warmer layer underneath and you'll still be suited up professionally.


Suits are a great option for when you must look as professionally as possible. To stay cool when it is hot out side, and stay warm when it cold inside an office building, all you have to do is wear a good looking inner shirt or blouse made with a light fabric. Suits with a lovely matching shirt or blouse underneath can help you to look as sophisticated as possible. Even when your suit jacket is taken off outside you will still retain that air of sophistication when everything is coordinated and planed beforehand. Also, a simple sheath dress with a matching jacket, worn as a 2 piece, can be a smart alternative to a 3 piece suit. It really helps with cutting down on preparation time needed when the number of pieces are reduced. It helps when you need to quickly get dressed and out the door in a hurry.

Putting these options to use will make it easier for you to remain comfortable in whatever atmospheric condition is thrown at you in the summer. You may not be an individual that has to work in an office everyday, but there may certainly come a time when you may have to dress professionally for an event, or outing, just remember to these few easy tips! Have a great summer!

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