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Verge Trade Show

Trade shows

Trade Show are very important for small and upcoming businesses. During trade shows designers share products or services with a carefully selected audience and build relationships with new sellers and buyers. For upcoming sellers, it is important that you know your competitors in the industry so that you can know the advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of your relative shortcomings can help you improve. Participations in trade shows as a Seller and or Buyer, and or just visiting to observe, is the best way to learn more about how things are done. As an audience member, trade shows provide you with an opportunity to learn about new products in the market and can also connect you with a new quality seller of items that may become your favorite products.

This is why the Detroit Garment Group and the Pure Michigan Business Connect, came together to organize the Verge Trade show on the 9th of August 2018!

If you have been looking for a place to sell or buy quality accessories, womenswear, menswear, children clothes, drapes, pillow, bed coverings, table covers and so on, you should definitely be at the Verge Trade show, located at Jam Handy, 2900 E Grand Blvd, Detroit. We will certainly be there to provide you with a variety of quality apparels and accessories.

For sellers, buyers and the media, there are different and convenient provisions made for you to have optimum trade show experiences.

The sellers have been provided with booths to display and sell their products to the buyers. There are also media representatives invited in order to publicize products and make them known to others who are not present at the show. Sellers also have may also want to share a booth to reduce costs concerns.

A great arrangement for the seller is the Pitch Perfecting Lounge and the pitch competitions. No product seller should miss an opportunity to learn more on how to pitch products to buyers. Sellers can also win great prizes at the pitch competitions.

For buyers, you can get a lovely variety of quality products. Quality products such as dresses, pants, home decor items, hand crafted and hand made products, and many others items can be found at the trade show. You can also meet upcoming sellers whom you are sure to love what they offer and can form long term relationships with.

Finally for the Media, your presence at the show will be greatly appreciated as it will provide both sellers and buyers an optimum sales experience.

A lot of Buyers came to the Verge Trade show! It was a wonderful event.

We were able meet and network with a lot of wonderful people!

This is a image of our Booth at the Show!

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