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The Little Prayer Pillow and The Path to a Blessing.

A few years ago my mom wanted to give a retirement gift to her friend.

My mom has been friends with this nice lady for over 30 years. My mom asked if I could make a small prayer pillow for her friend. We consulted the friend as to what type of idea she had in mind in regards to a prayer pillow.

But, the manner in which the final design materialized was not as originally envisioned. Due to certain requirements and limitations beyond our control, the pillow was not exactly what the friend was expecting, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful little pillow. And the friend loved the little pillow.

She said, "I will keep and cherish this pillow all the days of my life". She truly loved the prayer on the pillow.

As time past, my mom's friend experienced a lot of changes in her life, as we all do

over time. My mom's friend kept her small pillow close, as she said she would when

it was first given to her.

An interesting sequence of events occurred, and continued to unfold in a precise manner which seemingly caused certian events to line up just as needed. Many may describe the occurrences as mysterious. They were certainly things no one could have predicted, thats for sure.

As a multitude of events began to unfolded, some of the events directly touched the friend, who had received the small pillow years prior. She felt that certain things were being revealed to her.

Ultimately certain events compelled her to want to give prayer pillows to members of her new found church. She wanted to give them larger prayer pillows in which the members could kneel on while they prayed.

I was invited to attend the service at the New Revelations Church in Detroit, MI, on the day in which the larger prayer pillows were presented to the Pastors of her church. It was also my mother's friend birthday that day, and being such a giving person, she was giving gifts to others on her birthday.

Before the surprise presentation, as well as shortly after the presentation, it was an unexpected and surreal experience to hear the Pastor of the church say that it was an Affirmation, and then say, that he sees the Confirmation with that particular prayer on the little prayer pillow.

It was really a divine feeling, when seemingly strangers approached me to shake my hand, and to hug me, while quietly saying to me, "It is a Blessing".

New Revelation Church, Detroit MI

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