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7 Must Read Parisian Books

Want to walk the streets of Paris from the comfort of your own room ? Or maybe you are looking for inspiration before you travel to Paris ? Well here is a list of the books you must read that are totally worth it !

1-All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Set in occupied France during World War II, this novel interweaves the story of two unlikely friends: a blind French girl and a brilliant German soldier. If you’re looking for historical fiction about Paris, this is an excellent choice.

2-The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

In this laugh-out-loud memoir, American pastry chef David Lebovitz moves to Paris to start a new life. As a pastry chef, Lebovitz is committed to finding the best sweets in Paris, and in telling his story, shares many hilarious observations about his adopted hometown.

3-My Paris Dream by Kate Betts

My Paris Dream is the story of an American woman who lived in France in the 1980s. After college, she moves to France, completely unsure of what she wants to do with her life. Over the years, she finds work as a fashion journalist in Paris, rubbing shoulders with fashion greats like Helmut Lang and Karl Lagerfeld. If you love fashion, this is a book you’ll really enjoy.

4- Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah

Mastering the Art of French Eating follows the story of Ann Mah, an American food and travel writer living in Paris. When Mah’s husband is called away to Iraq, Mah mitigates her loneliness by tracking down all of France’s best dishes in their regions of origin. The way this book is written will leave you speechless .

5- The Only Street in Paris by Elaine Sciolino

American Elaine Sciolino is a long-time resident of Paris who lives on the Rue des Martyrs, a left-bank street in Paris that Sciolino calls, ‘a half-mile of magic’. Sciolino paints a rich picture of the rue des Martyrs, a historic street in Paris where Degas once painted and François Truffaut filmed scenes from The 400 Blows.

6- Paris versus New York by Vahram Muratyan

Paris versus New York is a clever graphic novel that compares Paris to New York, i.e. bagels vs. baguettes. This book is perfect for New York or Paris lovers. It’s also great for design enthusiasts. The design of the book is gorgeous !

7- Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson

Paris in Color is a coffee table book about Paris that showcases the city by different colors – from baby pink to saffron yellow.

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