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80s Amazing Home Decor Trends

When you think of this decade though, you might think of words like over-the-top, bold, and even loud. Sure, the ’80s had cotton candy pastels and primary colors, glass block walls, and chunky furniture, often all under one roof. That doesn’t mean that certain trends from this time period can’t be adapted for more contemporary interiors, though. Here are a few ideas on how to turn your home interior into a lovely 80s home.

Pops of Neon

Just because the decade of neon has long passed doesn't mean we can't embrace this colorful trend now. Decorate with neon colors or add a neon sign to your space for even more nostalgia.

Preppy Style

While a lot of the '80s were about loud colors, preppy style also had a big moment during this decade. Striped patterns, white and blue color palettes, and monograms were all the rage, and we think it's time they come back.

Memphis Design

Memphis Design was a movement that started in 1981 in Milan, Italy, and embraced all things colorful, abstract, and loud. If you want your decor to be an eye-catching conversation starter, Memphis Design is for you.

Pastel Tones

If bold and neon isn't your thing, how about pastel? Paint a wall with a soft blush color, then add pastel blue throws or pillows to embrace this whimsical side of the 1980s.

Add Palms

Tropical prints were big in the '80s, but so were tropical plants—and if you ever needed an excuse for more houseplants, here you go.

Chunky Furniture

Deep-seated sofas were popular in the '80s, and we can't still get enough of them. They're not only visually interesting and give your space a soft, homey feel, but they are also super comfortable. Chunky furniture is a lovely contrast to the sleek, modern pieces we're used to. Maybe now is the time to go big.

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