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A Parisian Style Bedroom

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Parisians are particularly blessed when it comes to original features in their Haussman buildings; with their high ceilings, tall French windows, elaborately carved moldings, marble fireplaces, herringbone oak floors, and wrought-iron balconies. Not everyone has the luxury of living in a Haussmann building with classic features, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the look and feel of a Parisian décor in your very own bedroom.

The Parisian decor style is minimalist, modern, contemporary but warm. The overall palette is neutral, and white is an all-time favorite color of Parisians. The decor and furniture are polished, sleek but kept simple. The philosophy of a Parisian décor is mixing up the old with the new and the refined with the rough. It’s unexpected and full of bold statements. A Parisian décor is blended, eclectic, and brings the best of the old and new together. Effortless and chic are just a few ways to describe the style of Parisians and the way they decorate their homes is no different.

There are lots of things you can learn from Parisians about decorating a bedroom , take a look at some of them :

1-Gold Mirror

One of the tricks the Parisians have adopted to keep their bedroom bright is to add large scale mirrors to their walls. Indeed, mirrors reflect light and keep your room looking spacious and bright. That’s why it’s very common to find a large ornate mirror with gilded gold finish in most of the Parisian bedrooms. A gold mirror is usually placed above the fireplace.


Scattered coffee table books, a scented candle, plump cushions thrown on your bed, and some dried flowers are all a great way to achieve that subtly embellished Parisian style in your bedroom. Parisians love to pick up decor pieces, antiques, and other décor accessories.


Some Parisians prefer to show their beautiful wooden flooring instead of hiding it with a rug. However, whilst they look beautiful, wooden flooring in Parisian apartments makes walking from room to room a noisy business. That’s why, sometimes, rugs are a feature of Parisian bedrooms. In terms of pattern and colors, if Parisians like their Persian-style rug in their living room, they prefer a Moroccan-style rug in their bedroom. For a cozy ambiance opt for a greige or beige rug in a natural material.


When it comes to lighting, you can decide to go for a vintage sparkly chandelier. Chandeliers create a focal point in your bedroom and add delightful sculptural interest to your ceiling space. Just make sure to find the right size and shape for your bedroom, and don’t go over the top or on a Versailles scale. However, chandeliers may not always be practical especially in a small space. Instead, you can hang modern pendant light. Indeed, pendants with exposed bulbs and geometric light designs in copper or gold colors add a statement contrast to your classical décor.

5-Bed Sheets

If you want to create a perfect Parisian-inspired bedroom, you’ll need to dress your bed with neutral bedding. In winter, prefer flannel sheets, and in summer you can opt for linen or cotton percale sheets. Whatever the material you choose, keep it simple with tone sheets and opt for colors like greige, light grey, camel, white, cream beige, sunset coral, or even terracotta. Also, limit the number of pillows in your bed – 4/5 is enough.

Et voila! Now you know exactly how to create a beautiful Parisian style bedroom!

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