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A Vintage Touch To Your Bathroom

Nowadays, paying attention to the bathroom decor is as important as the rest of the house, because it is not only a place where you just clean-up yourself but a place where you rejuvenate, sooth, and relax your body and your mind. So people are paying more attention to its décor and aesthetics.

If you wish to get that classic & traditional look for your bathroom, here are a few tips.

Go for a pedestal sink. It looks not only beautiful but opens up a small room too. No need to worry about where you are going to put your stuff now that your cabinet has been replaced by a pedestal sink. Go for a vintage armoire or cabinet that will also add to the look.

A claw foot tub looks really beautiful and traditional. Try it with dark, or light grey, grout, to make cleaning a little bit easier for you.

An important prominent feature in older bathrooms is hex tile or the smaller – penny tile. It is just the thing you need to give your bathroom an antique flair.

Another feature you can use to give a classic look to your bathroom is the subway tile. It is quite affordable too. Again, use it with dark, or light grey grout to make cleaning easier.

With shapely legs that support generous sinks, these vanities pay homage to freestanding, traditional fitted bathroom furniture. Their unusual shape is typical of French bathrooms, and they provide storage without sacrificing precious floor space.

Bold and bright yet calming and sophisticated, blue is the perfect color to enliven a bathroom while complementing its traditional character. True to tradition, this bathroom features classic moldings and fixtures dressed up with blue tiles and backsplashes.

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