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An Interior with sculptures

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

No matter the size or shape, an old sculpture never fails to make a statement! Great art can be hard to come by, as anyone who has attempted to fill his or her residence with lust-worthy works knows, but a room is often not complete until a statement-making piece finds its way inside. Such is the case in this room decor full of beautiful and big sculptures. The sizable dimensions of this building allow the presence of multiple objects like these .

A sculpture in your home is also a great way to introduce a little whimsy. They can be fun or fantastical, small or large, they make you look twice or smile every time you look at them. These special pieces can be a real object of conversation and a source of entertainment for guests. Sometimes, they simply reflect something from your childhood or life that is meaningful. Whatever the reason you choose it, a sculpture can do more than just enhance a room. It is a piece of art and should speak to you in some way, whether that is for happiness, nostalgia or a more intellectual reason.

(page 94- from MFCH magazine)

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