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Bastille Day fireworks, July 14th

During the summer, France celebrates its national holiday. On July 14th, all of France celebrates this holiday with music and fireworks. Whether by the beach, on the Eiffel Tower, at the Cité de Carcassonne or in the most beautiful villages in France, you can admire the fireworks from everywhere! We present a selection of the places with the most beautiful fireworks and where you can go to enjoy a spectacle of fireworks:


Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world... The Eiffel Tower lights up for about thirty minutes to offer you a grandiose spectacle of all colors. Breathtaking!


The Carcassonne fireworks display is world famous for its beautiful setting. It is to be seen at least once!

It's a real sound and light show in the heart of the Medieval City, which you can observe from the banks of the Aude. Cannes The Pyrotechnic Art Festival takes place every year in the bay. During several evenings in July and August, there is the international firework competition.


Let yourself be told a story by all colors around the mountains, in the reflection of the water.

Versailles, The most royal!

A fireworks display, at the heart of the story, with all the fountains lit and background music.

Every Saturday evening in summer you can watch the magnificent fountains lit to music, followed by a fireworks display lasting about fifteen minutes.

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