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Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

The tradition of Mother’s Day dates back to the 19th century when a low birth rate and a declining population became a concern for the French government. In 2021, Mother’s Day in France falls on May 30. You can spread happy Mother’s Day wishes in France with the phrase “Bonne Fête des Mères”. Mother’s Day in France is generally celebrated as a treasured family holiday. Indeed, families usually get together on this day, lunch or dinner is often shared either at home or by dining out at a restaurant.

Whether your mum is a Francophile, has traveled to France, or dreams of a trip to Paris, here are some wonderful French gifts ideas:

If there's one thing moms put up with way too much of, it's noise. Help her drown out the clamor with a pair of noise-canceling headphones so she can listen to music, podcasts or the soothing sounds of waves crashing on a far-off shore.

Perfect for errands, dinner dates and everything in between, you can choose a crossbody bag that holds everything she needs without weighing her down. Pick a neutral that matches everything or a bold neon to make a statement. She may also enjoy a French Market Basket you can find them here use promo code JustForUmom10 or LoveUMom20

If she loves the idea of filling her house with plants but lacks a green thumb, go for a terrarium-inspired candle instead.

You can choose a heart-shaped collage with the best moments of her life, from birthday celebrations to candid laughs.

Bring some color into her life with some silky pajama set. She will feel relaxed, comfortable and look good too!

Create a bejeweled family tree that she'll proudly show off to anyone who asks. After choosing between a silver or gold chain, customize the necklace with leaves detailed with the first initials and birthstones of her children.

After all she's done, your mom deserves an entire book spelling out all of the ways she showed her love to you over the years. Take a night to fill a notebook with all of the memories, inside jokes and characteristics that the two of you share.

She always comes to you for skincare tips, and now you can give her a sampling of the best products to target her trouble areas.

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