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Best Places In France To Visit In Summer

If you’re planning to spend your summer in France, here’s where you should be heading to .


This beautiful resort town located on the French Riviera has a really lovely Old Town that’s actually been pretty well preserved with ramparts dating back to the sixteenth century!

Here, you can visit the star-shaped Fort Carre, which has spectacular views of the city, as well as taking the time to explore the Musee Picasso, which showcases a pretty impressive number of the brilliant artist’s works – making it one of the best places to visit in France if you’re a fan of Picasso’s work.


Located on the Tarn River, this place is perhaps most famous for the Sainte-Cecile Cathedral, an impressive example of Gothic architecture which is also home to some rather valuable frescos.


This city was once the centre of Western Christianity during the Middle Ages and is an absolutely beautiful place to visit.

Here you can visit the Palace of the Popes, a building dating back to the 14th century that was once the location of no less than six papal conclaves.


Biarritz was once a sleepy French fishing town, yet it’s somehow transformed into one of the best places in France to visit, in large part due to the popularity of the Hotel du Palais – which was once upon a time the summer home of Napoleon.

Biarritz is also one of the best places in France to visit if you’ve ever been intrigued about visiting the French Basque country as it sits pretty right at the south of it!


This one probably needs no introduction as Cannes is easily one of the most well-known resort towns on the French Riviera and one of the best places in France to visit.

For easily over 70 years now, Cannes has drawn celebrities to its gates as it plays host to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

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