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French Country Home Transformation

French country art is a smart choice for any farmhouse home whether you’re located in the U.S. or the European countryside. Art is an integral part of any home. You can have beautiful furniture and linens, but if you don’t have nice art like paintings on the walls and maybe small sculptures on the tables, the house won’t truly feel like a home. Art gives a home life, character and personality.

What does French country art look like? It depends on many things of course, and while the history of French art is a very long one, you can certainly find French style artworks inspired by different eras. You might go for whimsical paintings influenced by the Rococo period of French history, or you could opt for modern-day landscapes depicting the rolling hills of the French countryside. There are also dozens of beautiful vintage French posters that would look beautiful in a French country home!

The French country decor style is one that has been gaining popularity stateside for quite some time. From grand armoires to delicate lace linens, there are so many beautiful elements of French provincial-style homes. Here are a few items you can add to your home to transform it into a lovely french country ambiance.

Wood Beams and Stone

Vintage Cafe Table

Louis XVI Bar Stools

Objects and Art

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