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Frenchify Your Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is near, we start to think about the celebrations, what are we going to cook and put on the table to eat. But there's something else on the table that matters just as much as food: your Thanksgiving table décor. Every hostess knows that a gorgeous, carefully set table can actually elevate the meal you serve on top of it, and what’s the best way to do that? Frenchify it!

Designing a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece, assembling a cute autumn-inspired table, and using other french decoration items as part of your Thanksgiving traditions can transform the entire feel of the dinner. Think about it: These touches will add charm, sophistication, and visual interest to what might otherwise be indistinguishable from an elevated dinner spread.

Luckily, you'll find tons of beautiful and elegant decoration and functional items to add to your Thanksgiving table setting here, just click Shop the Boutique!

Here are some of our suggestions for creating that perfect french table setting for your Thanksgiving diner, which you can shop in the link above:

-Antique Hand Blown Votives: Perfect to set the mood in the dining room.

-Small Ornate Silver Food Dome: So elegant and will keep your food warm

- Antique Side Dishes: These beautiful antique dishes are perfect for serving your favorite side dishes at the dinner table!

-Set of 2 Linen Bold Stripe Tea Towels: Add a rustic French look to your table with these linen tea towels.

-A Pair of Antique Sauce Boats: These sauceboats would look beautiful on a celebration tables-cape, and can also be used without their lids for floral display.

-Small Steel Candlestick: These small dark metal, hand crafted, candlesticks are perfect for setting the dinner table or to use as part of your home decor.

When you find that perfect piece from this Boutique link, we would love to see how you used it to compliment your Holiday Table!


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