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How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Paris

Welcoming the new year in Paris is always a good idea, whether you’re going there for a romantic getaway or a family adventure. During the holidays, the City of Light offers even more entertaining activities, from fireworks and celebrations in the main squares to city tours and elegant dinners. Read on and note down all of these unmissable experiences that will make your New Year’s Eve in Paris unforgettable!

If you wish to end the year in poetry and elegance, let classical music invite you. There are a few concerts at the two most prestigious churches in Paris: Sainte-Chapelle and Saint-Eustache. Not only will you be marveling at works of geniuses (Mozart, Offenbach, Berlioz, Bellini, and more) you’ll also be gazing at Paris’ architectural wonders.

If you want to spend your New Year’s Eve surrounded by people from all over the world and locals alike, head to one of the main squares. You’ll be entertained by an unforgettable firework show! One of the hot spots for these happenings is definitely the Arc de Triomphe. An incredible show of colorful light projection will play from 11 p.m. until 1 a.m.

There is such a long list of parties happening in Paris for this night of overflowing Champagne, it’s impossible to not find something to suit your fancy. While nightclubs like Wanderlust and the Aquarium are staples of the Parisian réveillon scene, if you go to the Rooftop Montmartre and Oxygen Rooftop, they both have panoramic views of the city where you can watch the Arc de Triomphe fireworks from afar!

If you’re closer to the Eiffel Tower, don’t miss the famous midnight light show! For an optimal view, head to Trocadero and see it from there, but make sure to arrive early and secure your spot.

Last but not least, spend the night in Montmartre, the city’s artsy center, if you prefer a quieter New Year’s Eve but don’t want to compromise on the breathtaking view!

Wherever you are, the most favored of all celebrations is the one held at home with your best people. Host a party or attend one, pop some bubbly, feast on some oysters, and don’t forget the cheese platter!

Bonne Année!

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