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Le Jardin de la Pellerine

The Jardin de la Pellerine is situated between Fougeres and Mayenne in the north west of France. Covering five acres Le Jardin de la Pellerine, which was designated a Jardin Remarquable by the French Ministry of Culture in 2004, is a treat.

One of the best parts of the garden, the 'Allee des Quatre Saisons', has a series of small gardens separated by half height hedges allowing a view of the whole but giving structure and separation to each part. Planted with lots of blue flowering plants, the result is beautiful.

The garden was originally a private garden which grew and grew and in the 1980s was first opened to the public. When the 'Jardin Remarquable' or 'remarkable garden' classification was first introduced in France in 2004, the Jardin de la Pellerine was one of the first gardens to receive the award. Water is present in a number of different parts of the garden and various water loving plants such as hostas and gunneras shine out from their moist positions. Clipped hedges and clipped box spheres and shapes provide structure in the garden as well as various sculptures, urns and fountains.

When you have finished visiting the garden there is a small cafe offering tea, coffee etc allowing you to pause a little longer and enjoy the peaceful ambience of the garden.

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