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My French Country Home Magazine- September/October New Issue Is Here

The brand new issue of My French Country Home Magazine is HERE!

Full of new articles on French culture and lifestyle, you will discover authentic French living, with a focus on the fall season. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside the magazine.

Bask your eyes with the beautiful and serene view of indoor gardens. With the new issue, you will keep in touch with nature while living in the busy city. Whether you’d like to add a few containers to brighten your entryway, tuck in a patch of late-blooming flowers or choose a statement tree for an annual fall show, here you will find a dozen ideas to give you some inspiration for making your garden shine this season.

If you are ready to discover hidden treasures, then this magazine will give you the best antiquing tips. What’s old is new again, and trawling through antique stores for old-school goodies isn’t just for 65-year-olds anymore. But antiquing isn’t all sunshine and vintage tees. Whether you’re hunting for on-trend french vintage threads, mid-century furniture or quirky retro knick knacks, you’ll want to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make the most of your antiquing adventure. Get your vintage fix with our ultimate guide to antiquing, and up your chances of a successful treasure hunt.

Haute couture is fashion at its most refined, it is a symbol of French luxury. Most of you must know that haute couture translated literally, means high dressmaking (couture is French for dressmaking, while haute means high). But that’s not all to it. So, get ready to explore this fashionable term with our magazine and become a little of a fashion expert.

We will also discover Dijon and cultural and educational activities in Dijon. If you are wondering if you should visit Dijon or if Dijon is worth visiting, you will find in our magazine the top things to do and places to visit in Dijon and its region.

That first whiff of smoke in the autumn air brings the hardy flavors of mushrooms, root vegetables, nuts, game birds and other fall favorites to mind. All over France, restaurants and home cooks alike make the most of market-fresh fall offerings to prepare French dishes of the season. So in the spirit of celebrating fall, this new magazine issue is devoted to highlighting France’s fall food wardrobe and ideas for putting French fall flavors on your table!

All across France, hundreds of shops and workshops will open their doors to the public and demonstrate their crafts and know-how from drum and accordion producers, puppeteers, goldsmiths and jewellers to cabinet makers and tapestry makers and many more. The aim is to share their knowledge, creations and passion for their craft via tours, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. You can discover all of this in the new magazine, without having to travel to France.

Purchase the new magazine and let’s start exploring together!

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