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French Botanical Cosmetics

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

The first cosmetic brand from a vegetable garden!

Developed from The King's Garden of the Palace of Versailles using updated historic recipes and re-implantation of ancient botanical varieties.

Made from a vegetable garden with respect to nature. Created with ingredients such as Rosemary, Bonneuil White Cucumber, Rhubarb, Rosat Geranium, Thyme and Blueberry, without the use of harmful substances.

While exhuming the benefits of the ancestral plants , these products are the true definition of feeling nature on your skin. And the way these cosmetic products are made, they have zero damage towards nature and earth.

In the creation of the Mademoiselle Saint Germain products only french ingredients are used to provide natural cosmetics with extraordinary textures, authentic fragrances and wonderful results.

These fabulous cosmetic products are created in Paris by the passion of Charles Cracco, a Doctor of Pharmacy, and his team of formulation engineers at Mademoiselle Saint Germain are passionate about botany and history.

The special fact about Mademoiselle Saint Germain is that they have their own labs and their own formulas that preserve the benefits of nature. Ingredients come from France territory and Versailles and are studied and tested carefully. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the growth of these plants, the only thing used is a respect for nature and a love for plants.

Mademoiselle Saint Germain 100% homemade formulas are free of controversial ingredients, rich in plant active ingredients, not tested on animals and with a low environmental impact.

Find the Mademoiselle Saint German natural products for your face and body, including oils, exfoliators, hydrating creams and other plant based cosmetic products right here at

If there are any additional products that you would like to try just let us know!

You can find these wonderful products here on our site!

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