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Parisian Items To Bring The French Capital To Your Home

If you’ve always dreamed of living in Paris, then why not bring the charms of the French capital to your home? There are lots of Parisian decorations you can buy that will make you feel like you just stepped off a plane in Charles de Gaulle every time you walk into your home! Let’s get started with the major decorations.

Antique Wall Clock

Parisians love vintage objects. An antique wall clock is the perfect vintage wall decoration for your Parisian style home.It could be a family heirloom, yes, but you can still fake the look by purchasing vintage-inspired pieces for your home.

Crystal Chandelier

You must have a crystal chandelier in at least one part of your Parisian style home! Whether it’s in the bathroom or entryway, a crystal chandelier can add a touch of Parisian elegance to any space!

Gold-Framed Mirror

What would France be without its mirrors? Bring some of that famous Versailles charm into your hold with a vintage style gold-frame Parisian mirror.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are way less work to maintain than real ones. Busy Parisians know this and so they decorate with dried flowers in every corner of their apartments!

Vintage Books & Busts

Parisians love to read. Be sure to add your favorite book collection on display in your home. Even better if the books have vintage covers! You can lean them against a replica ancient bust sculpture.

Vintage glass knobs

Switch out that old boring door knob for a much more Parisian one: a vintage glass knob!


Parisians love their candles to keep their apartments smelling fresh. Pick up a floral scented candle to remind yourself of Paris in the spring !

At My French Country Home Magazine we offer a curated selection of products where you can choose some special and authentic French items for your home.

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