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Peek Inside Karl Lagerfeld's French Estates

Though the iconic designer died in 2019, his impeccably decorated villa outside of Paris appears to have remained just as he left it. If Karl Lagerfeld was known for anything, it was his good taste - and that clearly extended to his home, or let’s say homes.

In the kitchen, the door of a silver Whirlpool fridge freezer is decorated with a handful of glittery gel stickers. Tonally out of sync with the rest of the space – largely characterised by more serious-looking furniture and a palette that skews monochrome – the appearance of Pikachu, Squirtle and other Pokémon is a charming reminder that the late designer once told a journalist that the last thing he wanted to be was a serious person.

The apartment could also double as a library, such is the volume of books within its walls. The books, which across Lagerfeld’s homes total 120,000, provide some colour in the apartment’s otherwise singular design.

Other bold objects include a cloud-like sofa from British architect Amanda Levete – a new interpretation of a Chesterfield with special hand-sewn buttons, giving it a couture sensibility – a pair of angular glass chairs with a matching coffee table by German industrial designer, Konstantin Grcic from 2014, and a pair of fantastic rectangular polished aluminium tables by London-based studio Barber Osgerby. Beyond the main living space, there’s a solid table of curved metal by Italian designer Marzio Cecchi from 1968, and a round cocktail table by Maria Pergay, also from 1968.

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