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Retail Therapy

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Local stores in Paris are taking a large part in adding to the charm of this city. Fashion styles going from the beginning to the end of the 1900’s are taking over Paris’ streets. Nowadays, many clothing shops specialized in vintage clothing are opening, some offer copies of the last century’s most popular styles and others exhibit real fashion gems in second-hand shops. It is the perfect choice to adopt a retro style without giving up on buying new pieces clothes. There’s just something about hunting through racks and piles of clothing to find that perfectly unique piece.

In these local stores, you won’t only find vintage clothes but also wine sellers, bakers and cheesemongers. Each one of these shops has its own unique style and identity, which has been created over years and generations. Every new owner has preserved the vintage aesthetics, making these local stores a good tourist attraction. They aren’t just random local stores, they are a works of art that hide many treasures just waiting to be found by you. So if you’re planning to go to France, make sure you visit some of these stores, for example: The Bazar du Panier in the district of Marseille, Arles, Lourmarin, Ezé a town west of Monaco ect.

There are some fascinating details about these shops, for example: foliage crawling around the entrance of the shop, handmade signage and you can also find an artisanal beer shop in Toulouse !

Find the complete article in the MFCH magazine, order you copy today, just click here on the word Shop- New Issue New Year 2021 on page 8- 13. The wonderful pictures are captured by a photographer who is very passionate about these vintage stores , Ramona Biscoveanu.

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