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Sitting on the banks of the River Aveyron as it meanders its way through the gorgeous scenery of the Tarn-et-Garonne region, is the medieval town of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val.

This town is home to the oldest civil building in France, the Maison des Consuls which dates back to 1120. A place of winding streets lined with medieval houses, art galleries and quirky shops. Sitting in the central square, Place de la Halle, enjoying coffee or wine and watching the world go by is one of life’s priceless pleasurable moments. There’s a fabulous Sunday morning market and plenty of restaurants where local products and especially cheeses, and seasonal dishes are a source of exquisite indulgence.

Get out of town and enjoy excellent activities such as horse riding, paragliding, canoeing-kayaking, rock climbing and hiking.

The Town itself has all the local services, shops and restaurants you’d expect to find in a small town, but there’s the added bonus that you can be out on quiet country roads within minutes. There’s no battling with suburbia or traffic here. Away from the cliffs, the valley is wider and gentler, lovely wooded slopes and oak forests giving way to vineyards.

But this part of France isn’t just about the scenery. The pace of life here is slow, and most local villages still retain the character and architecture of medieval times. The countryside is peppered with beautiful honey coloured farmhouses, extravagant pigeonniers and spectacular chateaux.

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