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Saw A Beautiful Sight, So I Had to Write!

I was sitting in my kitchen, in the nook. I glanced out the window because the atmosphere looked oddly different. But I could not see much because the side of the gazebo was sort of blocking the view outside. It had been raining lightly all day. I glanced out the window again, I was a bit curious. I thought that the sky sort of looked like an odd color.

I tried to look up high into the sky, but I could not see that far up, especially from inside the house peering out the window at an angle. At a distance I could see a very beautiful color of maze reflecting on the tree tops across the lake. It was such a unique, odd golden color reflecting off those tree tops. At first I did think much about it. After a few minutes of chatting with my family at the kitchen table, I thought that perhaps I should go out and try to get a closer look. I thought that maybe I might want a picture of the trees. I thought I would angle the camera in a way so that I could capture the yellow tree tops. As I stepped out onto the porch, I felt the rain drops still coming down. It was only raining a bit. I wanted to see if there was something unique that was creating that beautiful color off the tree tops. I was thinking that it was a different looking sky, and perhaps the result of one of our beautiful sunsets that we occasionally get.

But, to my surprise, it was not just a beautiful sunset. It was actually the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. And the rainbow was also reflecting off the lake. There were so many colors. I took several pictures, but of course the pictures do not do it justice. The pictures seem to capture a few colors, but not all of them. The beauty of this rainbow was just unimaginable.

They say when you see a rainbow that means you are going to have good luck and a lot of other good things. Well, I am here for it!

When you were a child did you ever think and or pretend when you saw a rainbow that there was pot of gold at the end? It was such a fun thing to do as a child. As an adult of course seeing a rainbow takes on a different meaning, but it is still just as exciting and beautiful to see a unique looking rainbow when you least expect it. And if you look closely at the below image, at the end of the rainbow, going towards the ground, it looks like it is a double rainbow (upper part obscured by the dark clouds).

If any wonderful fortunes follow, I will certainly provide updates to this blog post to let you know...

Thanks for reading!


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