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Secret Gardens in Paris

Hidden parks can offer urban escapes, a wealth of trivia about a city's history and a curious diversity of flora and fauna. But, especially when discussing tucked-away gardens in the French capital, romance and beauty certainly come to mind. Paris boasts of more than 400 parks and gardens spread over 20 arrondissements, many of which are internationally famous.

Jardin de la Vallée Suisse : Known more recently as the Jardin de la Nouvelle France, this park has entranced dozens of travel writers. Located off the crowded Champs-Élysées and accessible by a tiny set of stone steps, this 1.7-acre hideout boasts a footbridge, an artificial pond with carp meandering under the surface, and a white marble sculpture by Alfred de Musset fittingly titled "The Dream of the Poet."

Jardin Saint-Gilles Grand Veneur : While the official name of this small rose garden in the Marais references its location, the former home of the Marquis d’Ecquevilly, Captain General of Hunting for the King, the park is also meant to honor Pauline Roland, a writer for one of the city's first feminist newspapers.

Jardin de l'Atlantique :Opened in 1994, the park, located on the rooftop of the commuter terminal, is designed to replicate a "ship" of green floating between office towers, with lampposts standing in as masts and a pair of raised walkways recreating the bridge of a ship.

Jardin des Abbesses : A small grid of herbs planted near Montmartre, the medicinal garden was established by the ladies of the abbey centuries ago.

Galerie du Pantheon Bouddhique: Part of the Musee Guimet, the city's museum of Asian art located inside a classical mansion, this array of giant bamboo fronds and a tea pavilion transports visitors to Japan.

There are so much more hidden green gems in Paris which are so worth it to be visited and admired. Find out more on MFCH magazine - New Issue New Year 2021 on page 105-112

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