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Take One Home, or 2 or 3 of the previous month's issues. All are fabulous!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

You love France, its trends, its inspirations and its poetry? Then let yourself be tempted by a little tour on our website! Between glamorous clothes, and fabulous articles in the MFCH the magazine and the fabulous French products, you will probably succumb to the charm of this warm atmosphere… Let’s discover!

France, the country of romanticism. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and admire Paris, its lovers sitting on the terrace of a café, and breathe in the smell of hot croissants in the morning. Embark on this dreamlike journey in the capital, and in all French provincial cities! Will you resist the temptation?

French elegance often makes us dream. So to keep you up to date with the latest information, trends, and unique gifts and pieces at the top of fashion, why not succumb to the Tebep collections along with an issue of the MFCH magazine? Soyez belle en toutes circonstances!

Planning for your next vacation?

In the near future things may not be as challenging for travel overseas, but for now we can take the time to plan, dream, and plan some more! If you are dreaming of a vacation in France, imagine it being in the middle of summer, let your feet glide on the warm sand of the MedIterranean beaches! From the terraces of Nice to the Cannes festival, from the Chorégies d'Orange to the Avignon Festival, discover the sunny events of the South of France!  

Peruse our website, read our blog articles, order a copy of the MFCH magazine. In the front of the magazine is the editor's letter, greeting you and briefly giving a word about the time we are in, as well as giving a glimpse of the beauty inside the magazine. She list and talks a bit about some of the fabulous articles that are inside the magazine such as a Touring the Louvre museum all to yourself and the MFCH Holiday Guide Guide, which are in the Nov/Dec 2020 Issue.

Discover the Louvre as you've never seen it before captured in the fabulous images, inside the magazine.

You can also discover Arthur Rimbaud's gardens, Guillaume Apollinaire's flowers and Victor Hugo's countryside by immersing yourself in Tebep's universe! In France, land of poetry, empower yourself without limits...

Allow yourself to be distracted by beauty, from the stress of the challenges times 2020 we find ourselves in 2020. Take time to relax and enjoy the magazine and watch the wonderful IG "Table Talks" that go along with some of the articles in the magazine. The MFCH magazine may give you ideas for unique gifts, as well as help facilitate your future travel plans.

Click on our candel on the rigtht to review a digital copy

which is just a snippet of the inside of the magazine. As always you will see some of the lovely items that are offered by small local shops in and around small villages in France. Every issues is unique in the offering of information, and the images are just beautiful.

The back issues are fabulous, as well as collectors items to reference and use when you are ready. In reading the Editor's Letter in the July/August 2020 issue, she speaks of the saddening and strange time this is. (dealing with the pandemic). And as she always does, she lists and talks a bit about some of the articles inside. She ends her letter to the readers by saying, that we hope to continue to bring some distraction with the beauty of France, wherever you are.

Bring France under your roof! Mixing originality, warmth, elegance and French notes, these accessories will give your home a powerful look. Why hesitate? Créez une atmosphère de rêve en quelques clics. Encouraging your adventurous heart, Tebep supports you in your femininity. Like the committed and admired French women, face your daily life with your head held high. For this, rely on a strong psychology, a bold look and an unshakeable confidence in your abilities.

Life is nothing without a touch of magic, and it is this magic that Tebep wishes to inspire you. With unique French articles, both to decorate your interior and to inspire you or sublimate your look, revive your daily life. Thus, bet on French power for an overflowing positivity!

Speed, competitiveness, productivity, stress. Facing these words that represent our times so well, dare to make a difference! On Tebep, on the contrary, our key words are courage, strength, beauty, positivity. Steeped in French psychology and dreamlike travels, we will help you to empower yourself!

On Tebep, we refuse the limits. The only brakes in your life are those that you impose on yourself, so break the routine with force for permanent happiness! Thanks to a set of positive thoughts, original products, French landscapes and stunning novelties, we will make you realize that: tu es belle et puissante!

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