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The best Christmas markets in France

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

There’s a reason that there’s a song about Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year, and in France you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas Market to explore. If you have never visited a Christmas market before, these are some of the most popular. These are the markets that see tourists and locals revisit them time and time again. Probably because they each offer something a little different from the next, all with that familiar Christmas atmosphere.

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg’s Christmas market is one of the best loved in the country. It has a vintage feel, with many traditional craft stalls that will make your think of Christmas celebrations from yesteryear. The city’s historic quarter, known as ‘Petite France’ is a dream to stroll through on a winter’s night, too. Be sure to grab a mulled wine to sip during your wandering.

Metz Christmas Market

Perhaps the second most popular Christmas market in France after Strasbourg, the Christmas market in Metz is spread across the city in five different areas. You can shop for baubles and tree toppers, delicious festive treats and mulled wine, plus unique Christmas souvenirs.

Reims Christmas Market

The stunning cathedral in the centre of Reims is illuminated, adding to the festive glow and magic of the city at Christmas time. You’ll find all the usual favourites at this Christmas market, such as classy glass decorations, garlands, chocolates, and steaming cups of mulled wine to keep the cold at bay.

Bordeaux Christmas Market

If you travel further south in France, a trip to Bordeaux to visit their Christmas market is definitely in order. Enjoy a warming cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine as you browse the selection of unique gifts from over 150 exhibitors and vendors, which will ensure everyone on your Christmas list gets something special!

Toulouse Christmas Market

This is an impressive market featuring original gift ideas from local woodcrafts to regional specialities. There’s something for everyone here including toys, pottery, jewellery, candles, clothing and leather goods. Toulouse is France’s fourth biggest city so as well as the market, be sure to stroll around its historic centre.


This is one of the more unusual Christmas markets in France and only runs for three days. Because the town is known for its exceptional poultry, there is a Fête de la Dinde, which is a live parade of turkeys through the town centre, followed by local dignitaries and organisations. Licques Christmas market is where you can buy lots of festive treats to eat as well as traditional crafts and decorations.

There are many reasons why you should visit France during the Christmas period, and these Christmas markets are on the list. Let use know which is your favorite!

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