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The Best No-Cook French Summer Meals

Sometimes we just do not feel like cooking. And when the weather is warm, and summer turns up the temperature, the idea of slaving over a hot stove becomes even more unappealing. And that is where the French idea of using the freshest ingredients from your local farmer's market to prepare a quick no-cook meal comes in.

The French idea of gringoter, meaning to eat small bites or nibble, is quite prevalent when we are looking at French no-cook meals. Like most, French people work long hours, and at the end of the day, are just looking for a quick dish to put together that is filling.

From easy salads to a combination of meats and cheeses that you can eat it anywhere, on the late-night back patio, watching tv, by the pool, or even on a picnic blanket. There is plenty to choose from when you are just looking to put a meal together with something from the fridge. And just because it is quick, doesn't mean it has to be unhealthy. French food is also about fresh produce, which keeps the cuisine light and healthy.

Here are our favorite French no-cook summer meals. These no-cook food ideas are simple to assemble and easy to eat so that you can focus on enjoying the company of friends and family. So allons-y, here are some options to try this summer:

-Carrot chips



-Homemade guacamole and chips

-Slices of melon


One of the reasons, of course, that no-cook meals in France tend to be so much better than ones elsewhere is the quality and relatively low price of prepared foods. A southern French meal will probably involve pâté or terrines made of meat, and you can pick up gorgeous examples of these from almost any market. Toulouse has especially good markets. And then there is that old cliche that happens to be true about France: that you could live on the bread and cheese alone. Great bread, good cheese, a handful of fruit, and you have a summer meal.

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