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The Lesser -Know South of France

The area that makes up what the French refer to as "le Midi" consists of the French Mediterranean coastline and its hinterland, from the Italian to the Spanish borders, and is made up of two French regions, PACA or Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur to the east of the Rhone, and Languedoc

The coastal region is very busy in Summer, and travelling to the south of France by car on a summer Saturday can be a nightmare experience; but the region has masses to offer, in terms of climate, history, and landscape.

The French Riviera ("la Côte d'Azur") is a small part of the south of France, the thin coastal strip from around Cassis (east of Marseille) in the west to the Italian border in the east. It is a coastline that gets very crowded in summer, though on account of the rocky coastline, there are still some quiet and peaceful spots to be found.

Aix-en-Provence is one of the popular places to visit and stay while exploring the region. Aix is also within convenient distance to explore the lavender fields of Valensole and Luberon.

Keep in mind, if visiting the lavender fields are top of your list, then ensure you are planning a trip to the South of France in late spring or summer months – particularly from April to early August. There are tons of historical sites to visit in Aix. Choose one of their art museums, like the Musee Granet, located just 5 minutes from Cous Mirabour.

Ax-les-Thermes is located in the southwestern part of France, near the Spanish border and Andorra. Ax les Thermes is not your typical resort town or lavender village. Instead, it is one of the cutest medieval villages to explore.

The city’s name is derived from the word, Ax meaning water, and thermes meaning hot. It refers to hot springs.

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