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Love a cool trench!

There are a lot of different types and styles of trench coats. They are made up of a variety of fabrics. Some are water repellant and water-resistant. Some are not made to withstand rain, but are just simply beautiful! I love a unique-looking trench.

And here are some funny, but True Trench Stories...

To Trench or not to Trench?

Many years ago, I did not see the beauty and the simplicity of a trench coat right away. It sort of snuck up on me, like when you fall in love unexpectedly. And then you ask yourself, "how did this happen?" But you love it, and you start to realize that you can not live without it. Somehow a beautiful item, like a fabulous trench coat stays in your mind. It becomes your "go-to item".

Once you try it on, and it looks fabulous on you - you realize that you must have it, end of story. Once you wear it a few times to confirm whether you made the right choice, and you see that it still looks fabulous on you, you love it even more. One of the very cool things about it is, if you find the right one for you, it makes you look good, no matter what else you may have on under it. Once you realize that, as they say, "it's a wrap." No, not literarily, it's a Trench!

After you have become a lover of the trench, you do not ask why - it speaks for you, and it speaks for itself. The trench is one of those staple items. A must-have that is in your closet, along with the white shirt, cardigan, a great pair of jeans, and a little black dress. It is just there when you need it. And you need it!

Well, let me tell you more about the first trench I ever fell in love with. It does have an interesting story, and it seems to be a never-ending love.

This is the beginning...

One day, I thought I might need a new a coat, but not really. At least not right away. It wasn't really cold outside yet, but the weather was cooling down, so it was getting there. I was out window shopping with a good friend. I thought maybe I'll find a cute short little jacket. It was my birthday too. My friend did not know it was my birthday, but once he found out, he said, "let me buy you something." I said, "no, thank you. I don't really need anything." He kept asking. I said, "well, maybe later". I was thinking about getting a jacket or lightweight coat in the next coming months.

We were near a few stores I liked that had nice garments. There were some adorable long, sleeveless vests, and even some lightweight coats right in front of the store where we were standing. My friend said let's go inside. I went in just to humor him and to do nothing more than to look and too basically, speed window shop.

I quickly looked around just to humor him. I really was not interested because I had made other plans with some old friends that I went to college with. I was planning to meet with them later that evening. I did not want to spend a lot of time window shopping. I had planned to do some quick, fun window shopping, just to kill some time and then wanted to head home to change into my outfit to wear to the soirée.

As we walked and talked near the coat area, my friend said, "here's a nice coat." He grabbed a trench coat. I said, to myself, oh what terrible taste (I found nothing interesting about trench coats). I quickly tried the trench on just to humor him. I glanced in the mirror very quickly, just to not appear rude. Then I quickly took it off and hung it back up because trench coats were just not my style. I just did not like them. I did not see any interesting thing about them at all. I thought they were just rather plain and bland. And when you plan to just "window shop," your mind is not focused on buying, especially if you do not see anything that really grabs your attention.

We left that store and went to another. And quickly "window shopped" a bit more in some other stores nearby, sort of "speed window shopping". I quickly tried on a couple of light weight jackets and spring coats. I also looked at some casual walking around shoes, etc. I was done. Nothing really caught my eye. I was ready to go. I realized that I am really picky and particular when it comes to what I wear.

He asked again, "You see anything you like?" I said, "no, not really, let's go." I checked my watch without being too obvious. He said let's look a little bit more. After quickly walking around a bit more and walking in and out of a couple of more stores, I saw some really nice things. But, I saw nothing that I just had to have or wanted as a birthday gift. I was really ready to leave and was not planning to do a lot of "trying things on".

I picked up the pace, trying to walk faster on my way to the main exit. As I moved closer to the exit, I quickly walked past a huge mirror that was framed by lights. As I quickly walked past that big sparkling mirror, all shiny and clean- I caught a glance of my reflection from the side of my eye. I wanted to see how I looked, but I did not want to be too obvious when I glanced at myself. Since there was the potential of running late for my next event, I was trying to see if I looked presentable enough, or if I needed to totally redo my hair and makeup for the evening with my other friends. Just as I was slanting my eyes, to quickly glance in the mirror from the corner of my eye, a huge flash of light from the bright lights around that mirror flashed so brightly into my eyes.

I think the combination of the angle in which I glanced in the mirror and the speed at which I was walking caused a strange chain reaction. While trying to glance, a flash of bright light did something weird to me for a split second. First, there was a quick flash of the bright light reflecting into my eyes so brightly that it temporarily blinded me. It was too much for my eyes and brain to adjust to quickly. It was so strange, and something I had never experienced before.

I just thought this mirror is so bright and clean, and a bit blinding for a second. It was certainly a beautiful mirror. But I had to suddenly stop walking in order to gather my bearings, and wait for my eyes to refocus. Immediately I had to ensure that I did not walk into something or someone. I tried not to pay too much attention to it, but It temporarily blinded me for a few seconds and caused me to lose my equilibrium. I had to immediately stop in my tracks I could not see anything except for brilliant lights.

My mind was really focused on getting out of the store, and out the main door to go to my car. I was ready to meet with my other friends for our afternoon get-together, which I was sure would last to a later time of music and celebration. But I had to slow down and stop for my own safety. In that blinding flash of light, I was disoriented for just a few seconds. While standing there, trying to regain my focus, hoping not to fall, and desperately trying to get my vision back safely. I did not want anyone to notice me at that moment, and I did not want anyone to think that something was wrong. While in that fog of blindness and confusion, all of a sudden, for some odd reason, my mind quickly flashed back. It flashed back to that very first trench coat that I had quickly tried on. I had no idea why, because I did not really like it, and I really did not like trench coats at all, so I thought.

I thought this is weird; why did I think about a trench coat in the middle of that blinding flash of light? I tried to continue walking to the exit door. But, I thought to myself again, saying, I do not like trench coats, never have. I quickly became curious. I told my friend, wait a second. I tried to gather my thoughts. He said what's wrong. I said, I want to check something out. I wondered, just out of curiosity, why in the world was that trench coat standing out in my mind now, especially after I had just walked past a bright mirror. I only saw my reflection for a split second, out of the side of my eye, with no trench coat on, just my regular clothes on. I was heading to the large exit door. We had hung that trench coat up a long time ago, back in the very first store. At this point that store was some distance away, judging by how far we had walked. I thought, what does that trench have to do with any of this? I wondered. I told my friend, "let's go back. I want to see something". I just wanted to see if there was a reason that trench coat flashed to the front of my mind.

We went back, just to see. We made our way back to that first store to see that first coat that I had tried on. I figured it might be gone, someone may have purchased it, and that will be that. I thought I will be over whatever that was. And I also thought once I try it on for a second time, I would be assured that it is not for me. But when we arrived and entered the store, I saw that it was still there. I tried it on again. This time for just a few seconds longer. I glanced in the mirror. And that was it. It was like a strange spell had come over me. I had to have it. I still do not understand how that happened.

Once I got it home, I did not understand what that was all about that caused me, in a split second, as I passed that mirror, to want to own a trench coat for the first time- to own that particular trench coat.

I did love my trench. It took a while, but I thought it was fabulous. I still did not know why the sudden spell of love fell on me for this trench, that caused me to purchase it. It was all so oddly satisfying to find and love a trench coat for the first time. I also thought I was the only one that felt that way about it, and that was fine with me. I wore my trench a lot, and I wore it everywhere. I loved how it made me feel and how it made me look, even if it was only in my mind. I felt that I was the only one that saw its beauty and understood the connection between my trench coat and me.

I was now one of those "trench coat" people. My friends would often ask, is that the coat you got for your birthday. I would say, "yes". My friend that was with me when I first saw it would often ask, "you have many coats, why is it that I only see you in this one?" In return, I would say, I do not know, I think, I just love my trench.

I loved my trench for how I thought it made me look and feel when I put it on. It was comfortable to wear. I loved it because it is very easy to travel with. I travel often. And I found out early that having easy and reliable clothes to travel with is a lifesaver. I could quickly roll up my trench and store it in my suitcase, and then quickly shake it out, and it would be pristine. It was beautiful.

When disaster strikes!

I did not know what type of trench coat my first trench was. I did not know that some trench coats were made to be water repellant, waterproof, and or just made out of simple, beautiful fabric that does nothing more than look good. All I knew when I got my first trench coat was that it was lightweight and styled like a trench coat, and I loved It. I had no idea that later, I would realize that I also loved how my trench coat protected me from the rain.

One day, with no umbrella, I accidentally got caught in a downpour, just before I had to attend a meeting and speak. I had to rush into a meeting and give an important briefing.

While away on a business trip, I was out grabbing a quick lunch and running a fast errand. I was walking back to my car which was parked approximately 1/2 a block away. I was also looking over some details of my briefing to ensure I was prepared. It was such a beautiful day outside, so I thought. But, before I could make it back to my car, it started raining. I had no umbrella. It was raining so hard, raining "cats and dogs," as they say. I could not believe It started raining right before I was to go in front of a large group of people and speak. I panicked, and I did not know what to do because I had my folders and briefing papers in my hands. The wind starts blowing really hard. It was as if the wind was purposely trying to rip my documents out of my hands and ruin everything. There was nowhere to quickly run to take shelter, and to top of that, the rain started coming down sideways as if to really soak everyone who was outside at that moment. I tried improvising in order not to get soaked too much. I did not know what I was doing, but I had to try at least. I quickly took off my trench coat. I put it over my head, and I tucked all my folders and papers underneath holding them tight to my chest with my briefcase. Then I tried to tuck everything under my arms, as much as possible, with my coat still thrown over my head. I prayed that my papers and folders would not be ruined. I felt doomed.

I ran to my car as quickly and as fast as I could. I was mortified. I pulled the cost off my head and I drove to the location of the meeting. I was able to find a close spot to park my car. It was still raining, and raining hard. I was afraid to put my trench coat over my head again because I knew the coat was already soaked through and through. But, I had no choice; I threw my tench coat over my head once again. I tried to hurry and tuck my papers, folders, and briefcase under my arms. I dashed toward the building, once again praying not to be totally destroyed by the weather. I quickly dashed inside the building.

Once inside the vestibule, I pulled my trench coat off my head. I knew that I looked like a hot mess. I noticed that, at least from a quick first glance, that not one folder or piece of paper of mine looked as if it had gotten damaged or wet! My briefcase was dry, the front of my face and hair looked dry, as much as I could tell from my small handheld compact mirror. My hair looked as if it was still presentable, although I could really only glance at myself for a quick split second. I had to rush into the meeting room. I quickly entered the large room to give the briefing to a crowd of business professionals. People were still coming in side and were hanging up their suit jackets; a few were already sitting. Before I got in front of the crowd, I told myself, you are soaking wet, so what! They know why you are soaking wet- heck, it is pouring out there! I told myself, act like you are not wet, just give a good presentation so that all they will focus on is how well you presented the information. It was just a short 30-minute presentation anyway; you can do this, I said to myself. I nervously walked to the front of the room, and I stood in the room filled with people, feeling like I looked like I came in from a rainstorm. In the room were all men as usual, and I was the youngest person in the room too, as usual.

I noticed that many of the people in the room had also got caught in the rain. As I gazed at the wet and soggy folks in the audience, it was sort of shocking yet funny at the same time. Many of those in the audience were drenched and dripping wet. Puddles of water were everywhere. They were wiping themselves with the large paper towels they had grabbed from the bathroom dispensers. I laughed to myself and said, we are all wet. My nerves calmed a bit, but I imagined how I must have looked. I gave the briefing in front of a packed audience, and I took questions. I smiled at the end as everyone seemed pleased with the information I provided. I knew I looked like a wet soaking mess, but you could not tell by the confidence I exuded during my presentation.

When I finished answering questions about my presentation, I went and sat down. I felt awkward because I knew I was drenched, just like everyone else. But I thought that I had to really look like a wet mess somewhere, since I was caught in the rain for so long. I sat for a few seconds, but then decided to quickly jot out the door and into the ladies' room to check the damage that the rain had done to me. I quickly checked in the large mirror. I did not see any water on me. I quickly turned around to look at the back of my skirt and legs, but I saw no evidence of being caught in the rain.

I then quickly rushed back to the meeting. I returned to my chair. I sat there listening to the next presenter. But, during the official break, I wanted to do a much closer and longer inspection to see what all that rain did to me. During the official break, I had the opportunity to thoroughly check to see how wet my clothes, hair, and coat were. I thought I would have enough time to dry off if I needed to quickly, and perhaps quickly use an air hand dryer on the wall in the lady's room. I examined my clothes and hair once again to try to see where the water had hit me. To my surprise, all of my clothing was dry as a bone, from the front to the back; even my trench coat was dry. There was not a spot of water on me that I could see. I could not believe it!

I returned to the meeting and joined the group again. We were still on a break. Folks were still mingling and discussing business in general. Someone actually pointed their finger at me, and loudly asked the crowd, "how is it that she was able not to get wet?" Many of my colleagues laughed, and jokingly said things like, "she must have been running between the raindrops". One of the higher-ups , who at times liked to try to taunt me, but in a friendly manner, joked that he was going to pour a glass of water on me so that I would look like everyone else in the room. They thought that comment was hilarious, while I gave him a warning look, communicated just with my eyes. Others thought that I stayed inside for lunch and that's why I was not wet from the rain. I was a bit baffled myself.

My love for my trench grew even more. After all, it had protected me from a downpour. It allowed me to be the first person to stand in front of that crowd and present, unscathed from the sudden rainstorm that appeared outside. I stood there looking professional, crisp, and without a drop of water on my clothing, or my head. It was remarkable!

Oh, I can't take this anymore! I am getting on the next elevator no matter what!

Several months following the downpour miracle, I was on another business trip. This time it was a short trip. I wore my trench once again as I had became accustomed to doing. It was so easy to travel with it, and the wrinkles would fall out right away.

Initially while planning for the trip, the secretary had mentioned to others in the office the possibility of dignitaries being in the area. It was the area I would be traveling to. I did not think much about it because travel plans change all the time, and I was sure travel plans for dignitaries probably changed more often than regular folks, like myself. As my travel dates approached, the were rumors were still buzzing a bit that some high level dignitaries might be in the area near the hotel I had reservations for. I still did not think much about it. In the area, does not mean you will see them. And the tiny hotel we usually stayed in was not the type that would host dignitaries. I packed and prepared for my flight. I had an uneventful flight there, which is always great.

But as I was on my way from the airport in an effort to get to my hotel, I noticed an awful lot of traffic, grant it we were driving during rush hour. And there was new construction on the roads, so I thought it was just a rush hour traffic congestion problem. I did not realize that there was also a lot of construction very close to the route leading to the front of the hotel's door. I suggest you try to avoid rush hour if possible, especially, when construction is on your route. I thought that, since it was not too far of a drive to the hotel, I thought we could possibly beat the rush hour traffic. We made it through and did not get stuck in traffic due to the construction for an unbearable amount of time. I could see the main street that the hotel was on. We were just a couple of blocks away. I thought I was almost there, boy was I relieved. I was exhausted too, and I wanted to hurry and get into my hotel room and rest. I was in for a surprise.

What I did not realize was how close the dignitaries were to the area I was trying to get to. I did not realize this until I got stuck on a surface street right near my hotel. I was stuck for what seemed like eternity; I could not believe it. What in the world could be causing this, I thought. After a significant amount of time, I saw a very long motorcade, consisting of a police escort of motorcycles, and then a long line of huge, shinny bullet-proof sedans. It all looked so impressive.

All traffic was blocked and at a stand-still. I mean grid lock from hell. Traffic was blocked in all directions for hours. It was already a long day, and now this. I said to myself, that motorcade for those dignitaries was just too close, and was messing up everything in the area. I was exhausted and could not wait to get out of that traffic jam and get into my hotel room, and rest. I was elated to finally get close enough to see the entrance to the hotel.

When I entered the hotel through the rotating doors, I noticed there was a lot of buzz. The hotel lobby was filled with people. It was never like that. It was unusually crowed that day. There were tons of people. I wondered what was going on, but I was more focused on getting up to my hotel room and resting. But getting on an elevator was taking forever- there were so many people. It was unbelievable. I thought I was in the twilight zone. I had stayed at that hotel dozens of times, and it was never like this. It was a small quaint hotel that was always quiet, and practically empty most of the time. I asked myself, why are all these people here. I was exhausted and could not take it any more. I could not think clearly. I just wanted to rest. But I was so glad that I had finally made it to my hotel. I tried to get in an elevator to go up to my floor, but each time an elevator came, a large group of people came out, and a large group of people rushed into it, and it quickly became full. What! I said, this was unheard of. It is a small town hotel. and there are never this many people in which the elevator was ever too full to get on. I thought the other elevator must be broken. But no, the other elevator was also too full every time I tried to get on it.

I think the elevators came and went approximately 7 times, and each time they both filled up too quickly, and were too full for me to get on. It was crazy. All multitudes of people would try to rush inside. Some would make it; most would not. I said to myself, when the next elevator arrives, I do not care, I am going to rush on. I told myself, I am going to beat everyone and get on it before the elevator fills up with all the people (the elevators were not very big so they would fill up very quickly).

A group was standing near the front of the elevator entrance, waiting to get on, including myself. When the lights on the elevator signaled that it was finally getting close to the 1st floor, a much larger group of people quickly gathered. We were all ready to try to get on that next elevator going up. We rushed toward the doors, trying to make sure we caught that next elevator. Many rushed in front of me. I saw a group of men in front, but due to the large crowd, I could not really see things too clearly; but it looked as if they were actually trying to purposely block the entrance to the elevator door, but I wasn't sure. I was only sure that I was getting on that elevator, no matter what. The elevator came down, and the doors slowly opened. The people inside started to slowly exit the elevator door. I rushed in front. I maneuvered like a running back, but gracefully. I ducked down, and I went under some large arms, and jumped ahead of some folks, who tried to jump in front of me. It looked like they tried to strategically block my entrance into the elevator, but ha ha, they failed. I laughed to myself, saying, "I made it, finally!". Yes, I was pleased with myself. All I could think about was my room key, and getting into my room, and into bed. I wanted to rest like never before. Once inside that elevator, I was relieved, but only for a second.

Suddenly, I felt the stare of a group of large menacing men, all looking at me. As the elevator doors closed and the elevator started to go up, all were staring at me. I was standing there right in the middle of them. I figured they were probably wondering how I was able to outmaneuver them and enter that elevator with them—somehow it seemed to me that they tried to prevent me from entering that elevator. I looked up at the ceiling as if to purposely ignore them. Then I tried to play it cool and just stared at the front of the elevator door. I did not make eye contact, but I had the facial expression of an unbothered person that communicated, "and, is there a problem?"

I inconspicuously glanced around. I noticed they were still staring at me as if they were doing some analysis of who I was. They did not look too happy. I noticed that I was standing in the middle of a crowded elevator, surrounded by well-dressed men. After a split second more, putting two and two together, I realized what was happening. They all had similar dark suits on, earpieces in their ears, and weapons on their hips. I started to get a bit nervous, to say the least. All were still staring at me.

I thought, OMG, yes, the dignitaries were in the vicinity, but I did not realize that the dignitaries were too close for comfort until I rushed into that elevator. It was going up. I looked around that elevator again, to make sure I was seeing correctly.

The dignitaries that our office secretary had mentioned were very near to the hotel I was staying in, and they had armed Secret Service men with them. And prior to that moment, unbeknownst to me, the Secret Service men were staying in the same hotel I was staying in. In fact, they were in the elevator standing right next to me, within striking distance!

They were all staring at me, probably wondering who is this woman on this elevator with the Secret Service? I had basically bogarted my way onto that elevator. The doors were closed, there was no way out, and we were going up. I certainly did not want to make any sudden moves. I wanted to get off that elevator so bad, and since that wasn't possible, of course, I wished to vanish into thin air.

They would not stop staring at me. I am sure they were checking me out to see if I was a threat. I told myself to remain calm. I kept saying to myself, things like, just stay cool. And don't look suspicious. I said to myself; you've got your trench on; just act like you are unfazed. I also said to myself, just wait for the elevator to make it to your floor, and just casually and calmly stroll out. Then, I thought, no, just get off at the next stop, no matter what, and then take the stairs to your floor. As soon as I thought that, I heard one of them say something into his walkie-talkie about make sure you sweep the stairwell. I nervously stayed put, saying, "Oh God', to myself. That felt like it was the longest elevator ride ever! It was so quiet; you could hear a pin drop. I was so nervous. They were all still looking at me. I was trying not to look at their weapons.

I was standing so close to them in that crowded elevator. I could touch them just by lifting a finger. Have you ever seen how these guys dress? I mean, seen them up close? It is impressive; the creases in the pants could cut you. As I stood there trying not to make any sudden moves, one secret service agent broke the silence. He said in a very commanding voice, "excuse me, ma'am," As as he said that, I almost passed out, right then and there; then he said, "you mind if I ask you a question?" I said to myself, "Oh shit, what is about to happen now?" I thought he was going to ask, why did I jump on the elevator like that. I knew it was going to be downhill from there. I thought I was going to die at any moment or get arrested if I gave the wrong answer to his questions. I tried not to let my voice tremble as I was preparing to speak. I did not want to sound guilty of anything!

You are not going to believe what he asked me. He said, "Ma'am, that is a really nice coat you have on". I could not believe what I was hearing. He even emphasize the word "really". I was so shocked, to say the least. Then he said, "Ma'am, I don't know much about fashion, but what do you call it?" He continued by saying, "my wife would love it".

I was so nervous. I did not know what to do or to tell him, but I was relieved, at the same time, I felt that I was about to die. Not sure if you have ever had that feeling? We very briefly discussed my trench coat. Then they all took turns to ask me questions about the hotel, from a security perspective. And they asked if I noticed anything suspicious. I shared some thoughts about ensuring the hotel area was secure, and I suggested that they check out a suspicious looking character that was sitting in the lobby. They told me that I was very perceptive, because they also noticed that character too. They said that they had already had their people check him out. After briefly speaking with me, they decided to check him out again, just to be sure.

The elevator finally reached my floor. The doors opened; they politely bid me farewell, and told me to have a nice day. I exited the elevator. I was so nervous; it was so surreal at the time. I confidently walked out the elevator door, but I did not really know what had just transpired. I headed down that narrow burgundy carpeted hallway toward my room. I said to myself, if the Secret Service liked my trench, it must be a badass trench. I was so relieved to get into my room, but to be honest; I wanted to find another hotel quickly. That short elevator ride was just too much excitement for me! While in that elevator, my heart was pounding so hard. The whole experience was weirdly exhilarating and frightening all at the same time, but in a good way.

At that moment in which he complimented my trench, I felt that my love for my trench was fully validated.

I love a unique looking trench. I hope you do too!

I have created a few. Et Voilà I posted a few images of one of the designs just for you to enjoy ...

The Weeknd - Starboy ft. Daft Punk

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