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Vibrant Colours For Your Home

Colour is making a big comeback in our homes. And decorating with bright colours is easier than you might think, and so fun at the same time!

Cushions are a fantastic way to do this, as they make an instant impact and are affordable and easy to change when you decide it’s time for a new look.

When it comes to living room paint colours, pretty much anything goes. Colour block with vibrant primary colours, pick out woodwork in eye-popping candy tones, or brighten up a dark room with sunshine yellow. Bedrooms can take bright shades as well, but you’re best off sticking to cooler tones. It’s also a good idea to incorporate a few accents in a complementary colour to balance things out

If you don't know where to begin, find a brightly-coloured piece of furniture you love and make that the starting point for the rest of your colour scheme.

Pink makes the perfect accent colour for a bedroom, as it's less intense than red but still adds a bright pop.

Staircases present a great opportunity to play with colour. Paint the uprights in your favourite bright hue or, for a more nuanced look, paint each upright in a slightly paler tone of the same colour as you go up the stairs, creating a beautiful wash effect.

Want to make a brightly-coloured statement piece stand out in your scheme? Set it off against a dark and dramatic backdrop.

Would you dare experiment with colours ? At “My French Country Home” the magazine, you can find on page 90, a beautifully decorated house with vibrant colours that will give you an inspiration on how to play with these pop colours in your own home.

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