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Visiting Honfleur

You’ll instantly fall in love with Honfleur’s picturesque streets and its old port lined with colorful cafes and restaurants. Its location, just two hours by car from Paris, makes Honfleur a great spot to enjoy a weekend away from Paris.

Honfleur is so enchanting that people often forget it was originally built for trade. The harbour was chosen for its strategic location on the southern bank of the Seine estuary. During the Hundred Years’ War, the French king fortified the port, although that didn’t stop the English taking over for several decades.

Wealthy Honfleur families built their multi-storey homes packed tight next to each other, especially around the Vieux Bassin, the heart of the port, where a front-row home overlooking the boats was a real sign of status.

The neighbourhood to the east is full of interesting buildings including the Church of Saint-Etienne, while that to the west extends uphill to the splendid wooden church of Sainte-Catherine and Honfleur’s main art museums. The neighbourhood to the south of the harbour is more low-key but boasts some lesser-known gems such as the Church of Saint-Léonard and the restored fountains.

Honfleur’s beauty has long attracted artists, with works of art to be found in the town’s many museums and galleries. Take a boat trip out onto the estuary from Honfleur or even walk right up onto the Pont de Normandie bridge, which offers phenomenal panoramic views of the estuary from above. With its position at the junction of the River Seine and the English Channel, seafood dishes are amongst the most popular on Honfleur’s menus.

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