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Visiting Museum Louis de Funès

If you are planning to visit Côte d'Azur, make sure to take advantage of a visit to Saint-Raphaël to discover the Louis de Funès Museum, a museum dedicated to the life and career of Louis de Funès (1914-1983), one of France’s best loved comedy actors. Born in Hauts-de-Seine to Spanish parents, Louis de Funès regularly tops polls as France’s favorite actor, as he amassed over 140 film roles, but was little known in the English-speaking world.

One of his films – 1974’s The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob – was, however, nominated for a 1975 Golden Globe for best foreign language film.

More than 350 objects and documents have been displayed in the museum, including personal photographs, film clips and interviews.

Louis de Funès acted in more than 140 films, notably films by Jean Girault (Pouic-Pouic, Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez, Les Grandes Vacances, La Soupe aux choux), Gérard Oury (Le Corniaud, La Grande Vadrouille, la Delusions of grandeur, The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob), by Claude Zidi (The Wing or the thigh, the Zizanie).

The only museum entirely dedicated to Louis de Funès - the artist and the man - the Louis de Funès museum in Saint-Raphaël makes you discover Louis de Funès in the family intimacy of his castle and his garden. Its museum retraces with the help of hundreds of objects the life and work of the favorite actor of the French. Through the rooms, you can discover posters, decorations and awards that outline the extraordinary career of Louis de Funès. Everything has been thought out so that the visit is a pleasant moment with the family, a visit made up of entertainment and discovery.

Featured inside are hundreds of items relative to his career, his personal relationships and his diverse awards received for extraordinary contributions to the world of cinema.

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