Beautifully crafted, luxurious and aromatic, French-milled miniature soaps.  A basket of wonderfully scented French soaps are beautiful, and of course they smell heavenly.  Use them to decorate your powder room, or guests bath.  Select your favorite scent; White Gardenia, Ananas (Pinapple), Apple Pear, Amande (Almond), Lime Zest or Rosemary Mint.  These wonderfully scented soaps infuse a lovely fragrance into the air.  You can display your soaps any way you like.  We have decided to display them in a lovely medium heart shaped basket! 

A set of 18 Miniature soaps in a basket (Medium)

  • The large sized heart shaped basket has 18 mini soaps in it!  Let us know which scent you would like to experience, the number of soaps you would like and if you prefer the box or a basket.

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