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A Natural.

From the vegetable garden.

I don't know about you but I feel so much better when I use products made with natural ingredients such as fruits and plants. It is nature at its best.

Just the thought of bathing with a soap bar infused with geranium leaves that you can actually see and smell, will certainly bring your mind and body into the refinement of a Royal Court.

I say Royal Court because the leaves in this soap bar, as well as the fruits and herbs used in the other products are from the King's Vegetable Garden (Louis XIV) using historic recipes inspired by the Queen of Hungary.

And applying moisturizer infused with rosemary and cucumber, to your face and under the eyes, is refreshing and beneficial in the protection of your skin. It stimulates the-natural defences of the skin.

The various French Botanical Cosmetics have a combination of fruits and herbs, such as thyme, blueberries. fig, rosemary, plum, rhubarb, and French Provence apple which is refreshing, and stimulates the skin as well as serves as an anti-radical agent.

The synergy of 3 French vegetal oils: camelinas, virgin hazelnut and Gascony plum bring moisturizing, nourishing, and repair actions.

The oils bring an anti-radical effect to fight against signs of skin aging. It helps to preserve the viability of the cells and protect the structure and membranes. We all need that!

The King's vegetable garden is located Versailles. Have you every visited this fabulous garden?

You must try these French botanical cosmetics from click here to order yours today!

📷:: @curiousprovence

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