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Chandeliers as a home decor

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Purchasing a chandelier for your home can be tricky. The options can be endless, dizzying, the décor in the space should match and lets not even get started on proper placement. There are near-limitless lighting options out there nowadays, but you can start with thinking about the design of the room where you intend to hang the chandelier. Is it a traditional space? One that’s marked by Midcentury accents? Does it have a farmhouse aesthetic? This can help you to determine the feel of the chandelier that will mesh flawlessly with your style.

If you install a chandelier that’s too big for the space, it can feel overwhelming. Too small and it’s underwhelming. When searching for a chandelier, think about the hues and materials that stand out in the room.Do you lean toward bright colors, or do you enjoy a neutral palette? Do you mix metals, or is only one metal present in the room? These are the things to consider when looking at wood, beaded, crystal or metal chandeliers. If the chandelier features vintage-inspired wood, bring in dining chairs that mimic that same wood. If your chandelier is brass, weave in brass touches, like candlesticks, decorative objects or picture frames.

Also keep in mind that the taller the ceiling, the taller the chandelier. Chains can always be extended or shortened if needed. If you love the classic look and the rest of your space is steeped in the tried-and-true, center your chandelier over the dining table, for example. Otherwise, hang it slightly off-center if you’re striving for unexpected styling.

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Read more about this article at MFCH magazine- New Issue New Year (page 85)

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