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The Best Choice Of Jewelries For Every Type Of Christmas Party

The holidays have a certain magic about them that can’t easily be replicated, but all this merry wonderment comes with a major problem for many women – the wardrobe issue.

We can all agree that a great holiday outfit is based on two things – the clothes themselves, and the accessories that make your outfit whole. Here are a few choices you can make based on how you will celebrate the holidays.

When you’re at an office party, it’s a smart idea to keep things slightly formal. This season, pick a conservative red or black dress as your outfit of choice. A nice pair of suede or patent pumps will help lengthen your legs, slim out your body, and keep things professionally trendy.

If this sounds like a plain outfit, you can add the right jewelry, like a festive pin, or wear a pair of elegant diamond earrings. This is a good way to make your outfit pop while still keeping things classy. Silver bracelets are also a great choice for ladies who want to show off a festive manicure.

If you’re having dinner with the in-laws, it’s crucial to play it safe. If your in-laws are known for being formal, wear a flattering gray skirt, black flats, and a white button down blouse. That diamond ring that you wore on your wedding day and a pair of sapphire earrings may just be the only real jewelry you need to worry about.

With in-laws who are more laid back, it’s alright to wear jeans and a favorite sweater. A gold necklace with ruby or garnet accents might be a good way to dress up jeans without making the outfit appear too ornate for an otherwise casual get together.

If you have been invited to a black tie dinner, it’s important to look the part. Opt for a long black dress, high heels, and an updo for your basic outfit. This is the best possible time in the year to experiment with different looks. Go for diamond or crystal necklaces that can accentuate a plunging neckline. Try to find hair sticks for your updo that have gem accents on them. Chandelier earrings can help bring out that new hairstyle, and also help keep that outfit runway chic.

The key to making sure that the accessories you choose help you look elegant without looking garish is to keep a limit on how much bling you wear. Choose a necklace or a bracelet, not both. Don’t wear more than two rings on your fingers.

If you’re going to a club with friends, a short dress and heels is all you need to look fabulous when it comes to clothing. In terms of jewelry and accessories, earrings and bangles can go a long way. This year, chandelier earrings and hoop earrings are both making a comeback, so pick up a pair before you head out. Adding bangles to your outfit is a great way to complete a fun outfit without having to splurge too much.

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