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A Guide On How To Use Wallpaper In Your Home

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Wallpaper is back and better than ever. But before you go wallpapering every room in your house, there are a few things to consider. Wallpaper is one of the manifestations of design creativity. It has come a long way over the decades, with fresh new designs and uses, and some of the most historic wallpaper companies are putting classic lines back in circulation.

There is a lot to consider when selecting the right paper for a space, the biggest mistake is that people don’t consider the scale of the pattern they are wanting to use. You have to think through how the scale of the wallpaper’s pattern relates to that of the room’s scale—along with any other patterns going on in the room and also you need to think about how the paper relates to the art you have or plan to have on your walls, as well as what is happening in the adjacent room.

If it is in a high-trafficked area, make sure it can endure the activity and can be cleaned. If it is being used by children, is it responsive to soap and water to remove drawings and love notes? And if it is in the bathroom or kitchen, can it take certain levels of moisture? The rest is aesthetics.

The most unique place that can be decorated with wallpaper is the ceiling. Whether it’s a flat ceiling or coffered, wallpaper just adds a special effect.

While there have been many great advancements in the durability of and materials used to create fantastic wallpaper in recent years, it’s still important to consider if your space can handle a wall-covering. It’s advised to avoid using it in spaces like a small child’s bathroom or in a room where good art is being displayed.

Here are some lovely wallpapers from Ananbô.

You can see more beautiful printed wallpaper, and where to purchase from, in the Sept/Oct 2021 edition of the magazine My French Country Home, starting on page 47. Order your copy today.

Let the artistic decorating begin...

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