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The Best Sculptural Decor Ideas for Your Home

Sculptural decor is making a comeback this year and there are endless shapes and options to choose for your home. It is good at times to move away from the usual ideas and flip through inspiration that showcases something novel and delightful.

For example, these chairs that are contemporary, tasteful and usher in geometric contrast to pretty much any setting they adorn. Some are inspired by history and the others by nature. And despite the varied inspirations, all these chairs promise to leave you inspired!

The tubular furniture trend is striking a fine balance between maximalism and minimalism. Perfect for introducing a statement to minimalist homes or giving the artistic vibe.

Chunky shapes and rounded corners can be spotted in sofas, armchairs, tables, lighting and more.

All things curvy are trending! Curved furniture lines and unconventional silhouettes with a fluid form and sensorial textures aim to evoke deeper connections between people and their surroundings. It’s all about mindfulness and creating a safe haven to unwind and recuperate from all the stress we accumulate during the day.

The trend roots from the sleek furniture lines of the 60s and the 70s, but the contemporary color scheme feels much more toned down and elegant. Usually monochromatic.

Carefully designed and beautifully handcrafted in the finest materials, each piece is unique - perfect for those who wish to make a statement in their home. These pieces look like a work of art!

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