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New Issue New year 2021 !

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

The Cover of the New Issue, with many fabulous articles inside!

And we are on Page 60! Check it out!

More on the new issue below.

France is full of treasures. This is why it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations. Whether you go to the Atlantic coast, to Paris, to the Pyrenees, to Monaco, to Lille or to Strasbourg, you will discover local specificities that you wouldn't have the chance to find anywhere else.

It is precisely these different facets of France that My French Country Home, the Magazine, knows how to highlight with elegance and delicacy. With this new magazine, let’s start the year 2021 well, by diving once again into the most beautiful corners of France!

The history of France through its objects.

When you stroll through the cities of France, you can find many booksellers and antiquarians. Reflecting more than 2000 years of history, they abound with nuggets that have travelled through time, in order to reach us. Crockery, furniture, paintings, books, vases, chests, chandeliers, mirrors and various trinkets will transport you to other ages. Luckily, My French Country Home, the Magazine will take you on a journey of discovery of these incredible objects see articles on Retail Therapy on pages 8 to 13, See articles on Old For New one pages 29 to 31.

In terms of beauty, that's not all. You will also discover the brand Petit h of Hermès (Hermès - Small h, pages 58-59). Based on recycling to design wonderful beauty accessories, it is a fine example of combining luxury and ecology.

Psst... A small surprise awaits you on page 60! Yes, there we are! Based on French feminist strengths, Tu Es Belle Et Puissante perfectly embodies this spirit.

Come and discover the exceptional Palace of Versailles!

However, how can we talk about the history of France without mentioning the fabulous Palace of Versailles? This edifice, built four centuries ago and including no less than 2300 rooms, is an out of the ordinary architectural masterpiece. Sprinkled with gildings, and endowed with a garden of an astonishing beauty, this castle is clearly worth the detour. The few pages of My French Country Home, the Magazine, dedicated to it (pages 66 to 78), will make you dream for a moment. Observe every nook and cranny of this place full of history! Fountains, statues, paintings, lighting... Every detail is important! By the way, don’t forget the Hameau de la Reine (Queen’s Hamlet), the Potager du Roi (King’s Garden) and the Cour des Senteurs (Scent Courtyard) !

When it comes to impeccable interiors, the French certainly have it down. At “ My French Country Home” magazine we’ve taken a look at some of our favorite chic and old Parisian rooms. One of them is this 18th century style bedroom , with old mirrors and two antique chandeliers on each side of the bed. If you really love this style of bedroom decor , here is what we recommend: Choose a paint that complements your patterned floors. Pick a fabulous chandelier that draws attention to your high ceilings.

You may also choose a vintage desk, but the most important : mirrors ! An antique mirror, speckled with telltale signs of age like oxidation and scratches, can bring a sense of history to the room. Don’t be afraid to choose gold. And don’t forget to add big curtains to the room , especially if you have high ceilings !

(page 90- from MFCH magazine)

France, a country that loves nature.

It is not only in Versailles that we find beautiful gardens! While the ones you will find in the heart of Paris will certainly not be as stunning, their mysterious and unexpected side will surprise you. Perched on top of buildings, on terraces, or elegantly hidden, these green havens of peace where My French Country Home, the Magazine, takes you, will convince you that everything is possible! (pages 105 to 112) and on pages 122 to 124 you will find a wonderful article on Antiquaires of France!

Make room for French beauty !

Of course, who ever says France also says beauty! This is what characterizes us. Strong and determined women, both fulfilled and elegant. In this context, My French Country Home, the Magazine, takes you to meet the Parisian illustrator Camille de Cussac, to immerse you in her style and commitments! (pages 125 to 127)

The first My French Country Home, the Magazine, of 2021, is therefore at the height of its predecessors. Why not start your year off right by immersing yourself in the traditions and history of France? Take the virtual journey...

Soyez ainsi belles et puissantes, en puisant votre inspiration dans les traditions d’un pays qui aime les femmes et leurs forces !

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