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The Best Places To Stay In Normandy

Ahh, La Normandie! Named for the Vikings (“Norse Men” or “North Men”) who raided and settled the region from the 9th century, the region was noted for centuries for maintaining the outward-facing conquest bias of the Vikings, most famously with the last successful land invasion of Britain in 1066. If you’re planning to spend a few days there, here are the best hotels in Normandy, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels and budget hotels.

Château la Chenevière

Elegance, class and luxury are three words that aptly describe La Chenevière. This magic and majestic manor house, surrounded by a wonderful park with centuries-old trees, is only one mile away from the picturesque fishing harbor of Port-en-Bessin. At La Chenevière, you’ll truly live the 'vie de château'.

The Manoir des Impressionnistes

The Manoir des Impressionnistes is known as Honfleur’s best kept secret. Uphill and inspiring, with a stunning view on the Seine Estuary, its own spa and divine gourmet menus, it may as well be one of Normandy’s best secrets.

Ferme de la Rançonnière

This family-run hotel is grand but hugely welcoming, consisting of four stately stone mansions, facing each other across a huge courtyard and dating back up to eight centuries. There's also a separate manor house five minutes’ walk away at the far end of the village. The main compound holds an excellent restaurant.

Le Manoir de Rétival

Neo-gothic eighteenth-century Le Manoir de Rétival G.A. is a most delightful surprise. Checking in at the manor feels like staying at a passionate antiques and art collector’s home. The added bonus is being able to savor the most astonishing and inventive dishes of the Michelin-starred Table d’Hôtes.

Château de Chantore

Here is an 18th-century castle with a view on the Mont-Saint-Michel plus fairy tale suites and rooms, all surrounded by a private 47-acre park that John Constable would have loved to paint.

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