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Corsica, A Treasure of France

Corsica resembles a miniature continent, with astounding geographical diversity. The landscape ranges from glittering bays, vibrant coastal cities and fabulous beaches to sawtooth mountain ridges, verdant valleys, dense forests and time-forgotten hilltop villages. It takes approximately just an half hour's drive to see all the different beautiful beaches.

Also known as the Island of Beauty, Corsica is still very much a hidden gem for summer holidays, and when you add in the fact you can explore all corners of the island with us, it's never been easier to find your personal slice of paradise.

Holidays in Corsica offer tremendously varying opportunities: from hiking and canyoning to snorkeling and sunbathing, enjoying a leisurely boat trip, delving into the island’s multifaceted history and sampling local delicacies.

Summer holidays to Corsica are an exciting prospect, and with temperatures easily climbing to the high twenties (Celsius, very warm to hot) you can rest assured that you'll get your much-needed dose of vitamin D.

The island is home to an incredible 1,000km of gorgeous coastline, dotted with close to 200 beaches, many of which are considered amongst the finest beaches in Europe.The beauty of Corsica's coastline and surrounding mountains is undeniable, making for some stunning vistas to soak up during a holiday on the island.

Including the likes of Calvi, St Florent, Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio, Corsica is home to a number of beautiful seaside towns which are tailor-made for a sunshine holiday in the Mediterranean. Offering instant access to some superb beaches, plenty of historical and cultural interest, various wonderful eateries and convenient locations for exploring other rewarding areas of the island, these seaside towns will make for perfect bases during a holiday to Corsica. On y va?

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